August 8, 2012


I am sitting in a coffee house in Sutter, CA.


Yes I have arrived, I am in California, about a day from arriving in San Dimas. Yesterday was off. After that all nighter driving I needed a break, couldn’t go on. Even last night I was still seeing road rolling on when I closed my eyes.

Today I’ve only been riding for about 2 hours and I am wiped out. The heat being one factor and the lingering fatigue from two days ago the other factor. I sit here and I feel I am in a chicken coop. There are two tables with woment chatting and the two women working here are also chatting loudly… maybe it’s because of the racket made by the fridges, air conditioning, fans… or maybe I’m just tired. And not to say I’m evesdropping, but when I hear something it’s all about complaining or criticizing. It’s tiring just to sit here. Yeah, I must be tired…

I did not stop inTahoe on the way down. It was not a place where I felt I wanted to visit. Too trendy. Too much of a consumer-spend your money- show off you’ve made it- kind of place. Beautiful, yes but too much… I like the out of the way places. Solitary, calm, wild, untamed places. So I just rode through.

I rode down the 50 then the 49, gorgeous. The rolling hills of gold, sprinkled with trees brave enough to grow big under the burning sun and rare water. There is a different type of people. I’ve mentioned that before but the second you cross a state line, everything changes. It seems impossible but it’s like that. The feel, the look, the vibes, it becomes “somewhere else”.


I will have to change gears soon. Land. But before that, I will enjoy one or two more camping nights under the stars. One or two more nights before “reality” swoops in and start to demand this and that. Arkadaş needs some TLC. It was not running the greatest, an oil change and a good clean up and maintenance will do good.



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