It rains on California today

October 12, 2012

Rain drops.


Quiet drumming on walls, fences, roofs

I have not heard the sound of rain since July.


The skies were black, tumultuous, threatening

and they loosened their cargo onto the ground

onto the world.


The air is cool.

That too is unusual.


This all emanates calm, peace.

Somewhere really close, cars race down a freeway

Accidents will happen, days will be ruined

By this wet intruder.


Here every living thing is grateful.



Thunder rolls in the distance.

The train wails up the road

The computer hums in front of me.



I am alive.



I am alive.






Trickling of drops

A certain rhythm.

It rains in California today.





One Response to “It rains on California today”

  1. It rains in Vancouver today
    Golden Reds grace streets
    And the impending downpour

    Is with Mark on Global
    Available now for the wait is over
    Anticipation is what matters

    Anyone here a Doctor
    Where was one for Amanda Todd
    She’s gone leaving us to ponder

    Frontal waves that pound our region

    We still have far to go
    Before we perceive and believe
    The cost of hate

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