A first draft, A final master, quite the day.

October 13, 2012


Quite the day.

At 3:23 I finished the first draft for the book. I was sitting at the Klatch in Rancho plunked the last letters on the keyboard and looked up.  Done.  First draft done…  Holy crap. I’ve been at this since the end of August, putting together 2 years worth of blogs into a story. What a trip… It’s certainly not over. I will need to edit and edit some more, read and re-read and re-edit then the whole aspect of the photography comes into it. But it did feel like a very successful thing and it did feel like I am on target, on par with the Universe.


I drove home from the Klatch and I washed the bike, then made some dinner.


Then I listened to the masters for the new CD. Yeah, The other thing that happened this week is that I received the final mixed and mastered  masters for the CD that was supposed to have been done in March 2011. I listened on my netbook, then went in the garage and listened to the tracks on the Fiat’s sound System. Some say it’s the best test for mixes.


At one point I looked to my left, and there are all these bikes parked there : 1125, Little Blue, and Bruce… Bruce is Melanie’s bike, a Triumph. I thought the name was right for the moment. Triumph over all that it took to get to this point. Melanie would have been so damn proud to hear this, to hear the finished tracks. All these bikes have some meaning, some history to me.  Then I looked at Arkadas, my bike,  so perfect to me, shining, totally clean.  And I reeled into time again, I thought of all the freaking miles that I’ve coursed, all the living I’ve done between then and now. Between starting this album and getting those masters in my hands.  It’s insane.  I wish I could describe the feeling.  Part accomplishment and part disbelief.  Part of me thinks of all the seemed too much to bear, part of me feels like a warrior who survived a battle.  Part of me thinks I have done another work of infinite depth and beauty and that, is why I am still around.   To strive to make things that create space and freedom and hopefully that are beautiful.


I cried. There has been so much damn living in the last 28 months. Fear, despair, Love, death, separation, homelessness, There has been so much intense living. Those songs came from some inspiration but now they mean other things, bigger things they have grown with the experiences of my life, they have grown heavy with meaning.


What I am going to do with this CD is a big question. I have no clue how I am going to put that out. I don’t have the means to manufacture CDs but then no one buys them.  A few days ago a friend said he might be able to put a video together for the song “Sweet Night For A Ride” maybe that will be the way.  I would love for people to hear some of these… I really would.


When we recorded, I gave all I had and I got the best guitar tracks ever in my life. I play all the guitars on there, all of them. For the first time I did not bend to the “maybe I should get someone who can really play to do this.” No one else could have done this job. It was mine.  Thank God for Perry’s masterful handling of the wild horse I can be, he corralled me into playing , into creating with all my heart.   I’m so proud of it.


At 9:01  this Friday night I just finished the whole listen.   I sit  by myself, the dogs are barking their heads off outside. The cat sitting on the chair in front of me. Eyes closed, ears alert.  It is so quiet.  And there I am.   One step after another.


Those were two big, big steps accomplished today.  I feel this urgency. must take those steps.  To get things done, to not waste a minute, time is of the essence.  Dunno why yet.  Dunno…  But I keep walking.



6 Responses to “A first draft, A final master, quite the day.”

  1. graham Says:

    Quite a day is an understatement. To say well done, or congratulations, doesn’t even begin to cover it. What I will say is I’m happy for you, really glad that you get to hear all the work you put into the album, and fantastic that the book draft has come together so quickly. I’m really looking forward to both finished works 🙂

    And you should definitely do a video.

  2. More than an accomplishment…you, of course have known this moment woud come. Yours…all yours, shared by many, which none can take away. So very proud of you, Danielle.

  3. Danielle Liard Says:

    Getting it onto discs is the biggest battle, I’m sure there are buyers waiting for it, both the music and the book. I know I am definitely getting both when you have them available. So glad you are reaching completion on some of these projects. And glad Perry finally got you those masters. Much love.

    • Fantistico, I think Alberto would say, Done. In all it’s incredible artistry with your blood, sweat and tears. A good work is not done without these. So happy for you, and to think that you wrote a song about me, I blush now. How does inspire the ones who inspire? Not merely impress, mention or drop names to flatter. A good question to think upon for certain. I celebrate your accomplishments Danielle and look so forward to seeing you and friends in CA….


  4. David Walker Says:

    Outstanding Danielle, yes Alberto would be proud of you. You are an amazing and beautiful soul and I look forward to some day hearing your music and reading your book. I have read most of your blogs. David

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