Joshua Tree

October 31, 2012

I took off Monday, packed a minimal amount of stuff, tent, mat, sleeping bag, a  couple boxes of sardines (Yes, I like them) some fruit and went East.

I arrived as the moon was rising, at first I thought it was an illuminated dome from a building in the distance and then I realized it was my muse, the moon


Then I found a campground and a site, put up the tent in the dark,  I am good at that.  I was really glad to be reunited with my red tent, much more room than the green army minimalist thing I had.

This is my third day.  I am mostly meditating.  I needed some of this desert space.

Last night the coyotes were talking to one another from each end of the campground.  I love it.  I stayed up, most everyone goes to bed so early, I was sitting at my table studying Turkish, then meditated again.

The nights are quite cold.  I had to wear my Gore tex rain gear over top of my clothes in order to stay warm.  I think my sleeping bag has given up, it seems that I used to be able to stay warm even in below 50 weather.  Not now!   But since I was able to stay warm who cares right now.

The days are glorious.  The place is glorious.  I am thankful.


skies and Joshua trees


The full moon on the first night. I wish I had a better zoom…


Arkadaş the magnificent.


my campsite


don’t be afraid of shadows



Oh so prickly, looking so soft


the desert


so beautiful


Must go back now.  Go see more.


Love you all.









2 Responses to “Joshua Tree”

  1. francoise moulin Says:

    Joshua trees? Desert? J’adore! j’y suis allee au sud de la Californie ou j’y ai dormi 2 soirs. Puis? Turquie? Un pays ou je reve d’aller y voir les immenses sculptures et l’architecture. Bravo ma belle Danielle, etudie! Je t’aime

  2. Forrest Says:

    I love everything about this post, Danielle. You must have felt quite the presence in such a beautiful place. I LOVE your campsite. Not at all what I pictured! I would love to go to Joshua Tree someday. Hopefully, in the near future…

    Seraphim Robinson

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