On this evening

November 29, 2012

I listen to Baris Manco and write these words,

Yes, I know, my postings are scarce.  So first things first : all is good.

I had a special visitor, my friend Erika from Steveston, BC came down for 10 days.  It was her first visit in California.  I remember coming here for the first time.  It is another world.

Our first expedition was to the beach, we were going to head out to a remote beach further north but the late start in the day had us readjust to Seal Beach.  Forrest came with us, and of course we could not ignore a coffee pit stop at the Klatch on our way where Erika was experimenting with her brand new camera :



We had tacos then night came and with it magic came to life.


On Wednesday night we went out to eat and found out there was Karaoke, I sang “La Vie En Rose” (Edith Piaf) in French to surprised patrons and Erika rocked it out with conviction!


Thursday was Thanksgiving.  Ozzy cooked a feast of Brazilian food, I attempted an angel food cake but not having the right tools the angel lost its wings and the cake collapsed!  But it was still good.  I drank Raki, I had not been drinking since June and I had decided that was going to give giddy thanks.  I found out that contrary to drinking beer, wine, vodka or tequila, I was able to play guitar drinking Raki…  dunno what makes that possible but it really surprised me!


There has been much to be thankful for.  For one, the people in my life right now, their friendship, love and constant support, they have helped me find joy anew.  I owe them much if not my life.


Another day, another coffee at the Klatch, yes it is an addiction…



We took a trip down in LA on Friday, it was dead quiet, not much going on as it was the Friday after Thanksgiving.  As a tourist experience it wasn’t very convincing but as a “hang out together” day, it was totally successful.  We landed closed to skid row, a scene reminiscent of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver except 10 times bigger.







Saturday Forrest and I had a show in Palmdale, there wasn’t enough room in his car to take all of us and I “sacrificed” myself and rode my bike over the mountains   😉  as the sun was going down.  It was incredibly beautiful, the mountains purple, colors shifting every instant.

We played for about an hour then went over to Sunny and Steve for a late night meal and much laughs.  The next day we had plans but we decided to just be lazy and hang out outside.





We were going to visit Joshua Tree but it did not materialize, instead we went to South Passadena.

Erika left this morning, it was bizarre to drop her off there by herself into the arms of the airlines.  I cleaned up the house, did laundry, straightened out my papers, plans, photos, studied my Turkish lessons, tomorrow I resume working on the book and I will also work on getting a bunch of details taken care of so I can release that new album…

Oh, a good piece of news…  I will get my saz this coming week end… the instrument was in Ottawa, it was shipped from Ottawa (thanks to K) to Vancouver and now Norman will take it with him and deliver it to me when he gets here…  There is all this music I want to make with this thing…

I think of you all, I know I have been pretty quiet but it is because I am putting all this energy into the book…  More to come.

All my love




Of Bike Love

November 2, 2012

I had a post on Facebook in 2010 about IO, my first Suzuki, first bike.  I had called it Bike Love and I had about 15 photos of unrepentant bike love.

Here is the version for my Suzuki SV 650 S called Arkadaş which is a Turkish word for friend, comrade, companion.  It has been that and beyond.  This bike gives me joy just looking at it.  It is in some ways my “home”.  Not a day is complete before I hear that engine run.

Here we go:



























Told you it was unrepentant…

Beauty in Death

November 1, 2012















Another day ends

Attempt to find silence


Voices spill
Like broken glass shards
In the cool night air
Too many words, always too many words
In this world of men

All over the desert
Coyotes reply

They are surrounding us
Approaching in the blackness
Yelps pulsing from all corners
High pitched, bouncing
Smell of wood burning

A fly buzzes in the dark, how strange.
Something brushes against my leg, what is it?

What is the path for the soul
looking for the City of Placelessness?

Where to dig for  answers
When the light has gone?
Should I just wait for them?
Patience is not my virtue

Arkadaş, take me yet again
Further and deeper
Timelessly, gently
Before I break
Into the arms of Fate