Beauty in Death

November 1, 2012















Another day ends

Attempt to find silence


Voices spill
Like broken glass shards
In the cool night air
Too many words, always too many words
In this world of men

All over the desert
Coyotes reply

They are surrounding us
Approaching in the blackness
Yelps pulsing from all corners
High pitched, bouncing
Smell of wood burning

A fly buzzes in the dark, how strange.
Something brushes against my leg, what is it?

What is the path for the soul
looking for the City of Placelessness?

Where to dig for  answers
When the light has gone?
Should I just wait for them?
Patience is not my virtue

Arkadaş, take me yet again
Further and deeper
Timelessly, gently
Before I break
Into the arms of Fate


4 Responses to “Beauty in Death”

  1. francoise moulin Says:

    Magnifique! Bisous

  2. Charlotte Says:


  3. Forrest Says:

    A beautiful, alternate perspective on how we see “death” and “dying things”. This is fantastic, Danielle.

    Seraphim Robinson

  4. Danielle Liard Says:

    Not death, but the cycle of nature, which is always followed by rebirth or new birth. Much love and thank you for the beauty.

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