A birthday, a saz, a motorcycle. All is well.

December 9, 2012

Birthday, yes, it was yesterday, the 7th.

Something that keeps coming up year after year.

Am I any different?  From a year ago?  Yeah.  I think so.  This last year has been…  well, if I had been a diamond this last year would have been my carbon.  If I had been jade, this last year was my diamond file.  If I was snow, this last year was my spring sun, then below zero night wind.  In other words this last year shaped me in so many ways.

But y’all know… you’ve been following…  So yesterday, well if yesterday I had been, lets say…  a cake, then yesterday would have been Lucien’s icing on it.  (Lucien is an Uber chef… read back in August..)

It started at midnight, as soon as the calendar date turned over from 6 to 7, I was granted a rendition of the Norwegian happy song.   In the morning, I woke up to over 50 good wishes from FB and call me a sap but that moves me.  Then I was catered to and had breakfast with fresh coffee served to me.

then came the instructions:  “Today you are not allowed to work, write or such activities.  Today you are allowed to demand, be anything you want, do anything you feel like…  so I turned off the computer and donned the leathers and went up the mountain.









After that I came back home and read a good book.  Then it was time for my “surprise”

Ozzy had asked me what I wanted for my birthday earlier this week, after thinking a bit I said : a surprise!  Why?  Because I have not had that happen to me.  I used to get panicked looks when I would ask for such a thing so it never happened.

I had clues:

Starship 7





I thought airport.  But he said it wasn’t it…  I kind of let it go most of the week but as we were driving down the 605 South I started to try : A stadium?   Disneyworld?  I could not find.

Then we turned into LAX’s entrance!  Airport!  I had said airport!!!  but it wasn’t quite the airport… it was the Encounter at the airport… A restaurant, designed and conceived to be like any good self respecting science fiction movie… the thing looks like a spaceship!  The elevator button looks like a thing out of Star Trek, inside the elevator you are greeted by a 60’s soundtrack that was also reminiscent of “the Alien” the first song on my Alien Suite CD…  Inside the decor was amazing, totally truly 60’s space odyssey.  It was awesome!

We had dinner and cake! No self respecting birthday can end without a cake…



A cake which, despite all appearances I did share!

then we drove back, I downloaded photos and answered all these Facebook wishes, then, played my saz…

Saz or bağlama:  a traditional Turkish stinged  instrument, I had been given one by K last year,  B had gotten it and brought it all the way from Turkey to Ottawa…  but when I left Ottawa I could not take it with me, being on the bike and all…  Last Sunday, I guess you could say my birthday started then, Norman brought me the saz from Vancouver.   How did it get to Vancouver?  Well K shipped it from Ottawa on a Greyhound bus (I kept praying it would stay in one piece).  I did not have it shipped here as the costs go from $47 across Canada to $300 plus, across the USA….  yeah, they really get us…  It arrived at the Greyhound station in Vancouver where  Norman came into play for the team and  picked it up.  Then he  carried it on board his flight to LA last week, then we met and he hand delivered  it to me… then, after that the saz had its first motorcycle ride from Burbank to San Dimas.

This is a traveling instrument…  it went all the way from Istanbul to Ottawa, then Ottawa to Vancouver, then Vancouver to LA and finally LA to San Dimas.  Which is about 9 thousand miles…  wow.

and here it is:


I have been playing it daily, hours at a time.  I love it.  So I did that last night.

Sunday morning, we did moto stuff : Arkadas has been having issues with rain.  When I would ride in the rain it would sputter and run really badly. Luckily I had only two rides in the rain since August… yeah I know, kind of bragging here, but more rain is coming so I have to make sure we can face it!

Steve had suggested di-electric grease on and inside the plug wires.  We had done one plug, the one under the tank,  that made the bike run about 40% better in the rain, so today we did the other plug.  As we did that we found a disconnected cable,  the fan cable, which I surmise, had been disconnected by the Harley mechanic who did not like “Jap” bikes when  he had repaired my started switch waaaaay back in June… that now explained why I had never heard that fan running…

After that I treated myself to a Klatch espresso… and hours of studying Turkish.  I am starting to be able to write silly little phrases like: “the hat is on the table” I am working hard on learning vocabulary, as most every word is completely foreign to my latin based vocabulary.  I came home and had what we call around here “15 minutes of Fame”  which means do some sort of house cleaning for 15 minutes, I vaccumed the floors, felt good about it, and now, I write to you.
So, all and all an awesome birthday week end.  The sun shines, all is peaceful.

I think I am finally finding my center.  It has been a dense emotional jungle to get through since last April.  I have learned much.  I am grateful.  I did ask to get lessons, to learn and they came and I did.

2013…  I am starting to dream up the next adventures, the next voyage.  It feels good.  I am alive.



7 Responses to “A birthday, a saz, a motorcycle. All is well.”

  1. francoise Says:

    Joyeux anniversaire ma belle Danielle. Je suis en retard mais mes pensees sont avec toi. Que cette annee t’apporte beaucoup de paix et de bonheur bien merites. Je t’embrasse tres fort.



  2. Erikakw Says:

    Sounds like a stupendous week to say the least. Blessings from near and far come your way. Now time to learn some percussion lessons from Le Vent du Nord :), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRKUgY4H9o8&feature=share&list=PL15072EAACD64F507

  3. bobskoot Says:


    a very happy belated Birthday. Hugs to you when I see you, can’t wait. I am glad all is working out, it’s been a long journey


  4. Aaron Gomzales Says:

    I absolutely love reading your journeys. As usual, it feels like I am right next to you when reading. Danielle, you are larger than life and definitely an inspiration to me. The sky is the limit for you. Love ya, take care and hope to see you soon my friend!

  5. Asbjorn Says:

    It wasn’t the Norwegian happy song (that’s a different song)
    it was the Norwegina Birthday song

    Di-electric grease:
    Not the plug wires.
    The plug cap


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