Sweet days of March

March 23, 2013




I look outside and it’s this gloriousness of light taking possession of everything, even the shade has a tinge of light.  A bulldozer bulldozes across the lane.  That should be an offense on a Saturday morning.

Oh to be human on this planet.  To have the body ache and the mind run.  To feel, sense, imagine.  To not know most of the time.  To connect.  I am reclusive by nature with bouts of massive extroversion.  Yesterday was quite magical. I went out, connected.   Fullness is an interesting state.  As more comes in, you don’t know if you can have that much, but then you can.  And if you were hungry, then you feel really good, satiated.  Yesterday was a day of Full and Fullness and I was hungry for it.

I went to record the saz on Mona and Hector’s music.  My first “session” playing the saz for someone else than myself, so it was momentous for me.   Mona and Hector are amazing.  The band is called No Matter What, she plays trumpet and sings, he plays drums and guitar and he learned to use audio and video software and hardware to make their dreams come true.  The style of music is … kind of ska with some punk and jazz trumpet lines, Spanish rap, singing and very engaged socially.  And here is shameless promotion:












A lizard just walked by the patio door…  taking three quick steps and a half stop, three quick steps and a half stop…  He stops, his tail held rigidly  in a upward curve…


So yeah, I brought the saz got set up and we did a bunch of takes.  Forrest showed up too, to play his doumbek.

I rode there, saz on my back and a guitar for Hector on the back of the bike.  I went down the 605, 105, 405 all the way South, close to the belly of LA.





After the session Mona (who also rides a bike) wanted “girl-time” which is not what you’d think, It was about riding up to Topanga Canyon.  She rides a Honda CBR 1000 with the Repsol mock up.  Hot little machine.  But with the saz on my back I could not be too crazy, that thing the wind loves dearly to grab and pull and push, which means that at 70 mph I start to get somewhat uncomfortable.

Up and down the canyon we went. We grabbed a bite in a cafe, chatted, it was nice.  Nice can be good.   Then I took a right and headed back towards the east, towards home.


There has been many days of utter joy of living this last little while.  Days where I have to shake my head in wonder, so, so, much goodness.  I have been very busy with getting ready for this trip overseas.  After the grant application it was then all about getting the crowdfunding stuff ready: a video, bio, budget, rewards for donations…  I am almost there, I have some technical issues, I worry if it is going to work, if my presentation is good…  If it will work out.

Big surprise, last Monday I went and had photos taken for the album cover.  It went really well, actually it went extremely well.  I have some very strong photos.  The photographer is Heather Bejar.  I met her after a gig, Crystal had brought her along.  Again it was Crystal who said : “look at Heather’s photography.”  I saw one image and impulsively said: “I’d like you to do my album cover.”  and we went from there.  Along with photography she also makes jewellery so  I’ll shamelessly promote her too, here’s her blog: http://heatherbejar.blogspot.com/ 

It is a good feeling to be wrapping things up with this album.  When I went on CDBaby to set up things for this new album, I saw the date when I thought I was going to release this CD : June 2011.  Sigh…  I had to wait so damn long all the wind went out of the sails.   Perry did not believe me when I warned him about this possibility back in 2011…  but things change and they certainly did for me.

I am studying Turkish as much as I can, some days I feel really good then I’ll hit the wall trying to understand a 4 word phrase.  A new language is like the open sea, it is so incredibly vast, unknown, with  its own code, legacy of endless generations of people and lives lived with these words.  And there I stand at the threshold of that sea, knowing less than a 3 year old, yet knowing all that I know with no words to express all of that.  Thank God music is what it is.   No need for words.

well, gotta run.  The sun beckons…  Arkadaş beckons…