RocketHub.. Turkey bound… Will they help?

April 4, 2013

Oh my, I’ve been so busy…

a couple of days ago I launched a Crowdfuding project on RocketHub, the kind of thing where regular folks can create fundraising platforms for anything from medical cases, software development, big business ventures, art, music projects… etc.

It took me a while to get all sorts of documents ready, a project description, make a video, created a rewards plan, write a story… all this to ask all you good folks for your help in sending me to Turkey.

The rockethub site went live Sunday at around midnight, when I woke up there was $550 on there, then the day ended with $750.. Yeah, it’s amazing.

I am trying to raise enough money to stay in Turkey 6 to 9 months to study the saz and Turkish music. With a very conservative budget, things went over 12 thousand in a hurry… Flight, lessons, rent, food, insurance… all that stuff..


I kind of approached this whole thing with this attitude: “I’m going.”

The reality is that I did not have the cash to go, but as with everything else, when there is a will there is a way and I trust the Gods in this. They are the ones who convinced me to go anyways… and I have faith in them.  For example, this week, a miracle of a job appeared in front of me, translation work…  Just as I had looked up towards the clouds thinking: something has got to give with this money thing…   And there it was.  


I am so excited about this… Along with the study, I plan to make journeys to the Black Sea, Anatolia, the South Coast in the search of history, stories, music, musicians, people. I have all these places I want to see. I debated the question of getting a motorcycle or not… there is an upfront cost… But when I looked at it, I really think it is such an important part of this whole adventure.  I think the bike will take me inside Turkey a way nothing else would. The bike is the ambassador sometimes…

So this whole thing set up on RocketHub at this address:  

Please go check it out, and I humbly ask, support this if you can….  I will not disappoint. I’ve set out some pretty cool out ways to reward the donations.  I decided to offer some very unique artwork of mine. Sculptures of stone and clay.  Albums, your name on the tank…  heck if I can I’d come play a private concert for you!  (local people, this is not an idle quote..!)

My new album is part of those rewards.  The thing in download form for an exclusive, two months before it goes public for $75. Yes, it’s much more than what a CD would normally cost, but the idea is to support the cause… 

I gotta say, it’s kind of wild to be out there asking for donations… One thing sure is that I’ll be giving back. I’ve already started to create new music, new soundscapes with the saz, with the new rhythms and scales I am discovering… This whole new universe has been like an artistic renaissance for me. It is so powerful, it’s a bit hard to explain without waxing too gushy and enthusiastic… but it’s true.

Oh, and on Rocket hub you can hear the first song I wrote on the saz, in Turkish (with some help with the Turkish! ) And if just for the heck of it, go see the video! I was pretty proud of my first video creation!  So please go have a look…

All right, gotta run.

It’s late already! The saz is calling….


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