Tick, tock, time, good times,

April 8, 2013

Wow, what a week end…  I had worked my a** off all of last week, got a Godsent translation job.  41 scripts to translate from French to English, a really cool animation series, I`m really enjoying but it`s a lot of time in front of the glow of the screen, I gotta get 10 scripts done per week to make the deadline at the end of the month. 

This is a Godsent because of my impending trip to Turkey, It will bring in some very helpful funds.  I would like to stay there for 6 to 9 months, so that means rent, food and all that good stuff has to be covered.  (you can help me get there to study by making a donation in exchange for pretty cool rewards here: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/22672-danielle-hebert-istanbul-bound-a-journey-of-music-and-discovery)

So the week end came and I had made sure my quota of translations was met so that I could get away from the computer.  First, Saturday AM was the Turkish class in Irvine.  I zoomed down there on Arkadaş (the Suzuki).  I had told Ozzy I was going to “take it easy”.  He smiled and said, until you hit the 57…  And at the moment I really meant taking it easy…  Until I did hit the 57 and I found myself flying down the road on a gorgeous California morning…  

After class I went to a jam I had been invited to by Mona & Hector of No Matter What band… They are just SO cool…  

there we saw this really great band :  The Wicklow Atwater flaming sting quartet.  If you see their names in  your neighborhood, go see them.  It’s kind of Blue Grass but it’s urban, so is that called Astro turf?  Anyways, they played so well and they played all original stuff with so much presence and gusto and … they had us in the palm of their hands…

I went up there later and actually got all the boys to come and play with me and that was a super treat!  

Sunday, reading a book, cleaning the bike, cooking dinner for everyone, then chatting a storm, laughing even more.  Life is good.  

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