Vienna airport

May 28, 2013

May 28th


My Austrian experience is coming to an end. I woke up in the middle of the night, which would have been the middle of the day on the North American continent. Tried to get back to sleep immediately but could not. So I turned on my laptop to see if I had some messages. My teacher was actually messaging me which brought everything very close and very real. I had a broad, broad smile on my face. I am continually smiling. The nerves left me as soon as I boarded the plane. Everything being on course, on target.


One amazing thing is that I got zero hassles with the instruments. Every stewardess, airline totally accommodating. That is a night and day difference with North America not to mention Canada’s literally harassing you when you carry an instrument. Let alone two!


I was wishing I’d just brought my underwear yesterday as that suitcase’s 50 lbs was a real workout when I got off the plane in Vienna. I guess I will come to appreciate the items I brought, but with the two instruments, heavy shoulder bag with the laptop in it and that 50 lbs monster it’s a bit much for someone who never lifts weights!


Last night I had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. The menu items: Much meat! Sauce and starch. I had Gulash that had zero hint of any vegetables. I had asked the waiter for gulash soup which seemed sized for me with a side salad. He frowned and would not have it! Gulash soup and salad were not acceptable together!! I did not fight. But when the plate came it was a dark brown thick sauce with much, much meat and sausages! But the salad was really good and it reminded me of the kind of salads my mother would put together.


I had a double espresso and as a testimony of being in Europe, even if it was pulled out of an automatized machine, it was delicious.


This morning it was mayhem in the restaurant. There had been a bus load of teenagers that arrived the night before and they were all in there elbowing for food. All the bread and much of the buffet had been inhaled by the hungry youths!


Right now I sit in wait for the departure of the last flight on this journey to Istanbul. As I said, I am just smiling and as I write this I am smiling wider! What awaits me?! I dunno but I cannot wait. My saz and the Go guitar sit next to me. How amazing this all is.


I got to wonder why the Gods are allowing me such endless goodness. I am so thankful for this chance to learn, to explore… My Facebook has been bursting with good wishes from all my friends… My friends… that is the most valuable wealth anyone could have. I love you back with all my heart!


I am so excited!…


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