On a very personal note,

June 15, 2013

An error.


The untangling of incorrect data


On some inexplicable whim,

I called him last night.

Heart pounding, but I had to.

Don’t ask why, it was an impulse.




Immediately I knew that this endeavor was beyond awkward.


“It’s Danielle.”




What followed might not even have occupied a whole minute and some bits


“…I guess I’ll let you go.”


I hung up.


A sliding of ropes, chains, links lubricated by old tears

and cytoplasm leaked from bruised tissue ensued.

My heart wasn’t pounding anymore.

Just slightly tremulous.


An end.


11 and a half months after the physical ending

The emotional one finally came.


I had been bound by an unspoken, unwritten covenant

entered into during a mystical moment

When a  lock had clicked, deep inside

and I had surrendered everything

entering deep into some vault, some mirrored labyrinth,

where I gave all and lost myself wholly


I had endowed this thing with a love I should have devoted to God himself.


The undoing of an error,

Of a mis-computation.

A grain of sand in the machine

that ground my heart into nothingness.


The silence at the other end of the line

Contained all that I should have seen,

All that was never hidden

All that always was clear and indisputable

All that I should have recognized


I took a  deep breath.

I picked up my phone

Deleted two numbers: Home. Cell.

The ropes had now reached the dirty ground under my feet, my limbs free.

An error recognized.

And the peace that recognition brings.








5 Responses to “On a very personal note,”

  1. Forrest Robinson Says:

    WHEW!! That picture was very vividly painted and expressed, Danielle! Wow… to break free from those chains was quite an effort indeed. You now stand at the door to yet a NEW journey…


  2. I am relieved that you know that peace is here now for you.

    The inexplicable process of grief

    Oh the heart is a soft place
    where small and great dreams take seed

    Some take root while others flourish for a short while and pass away

    To give way to hope found in a dark secret place

    The invisible private place of the soul


  3. Açalya Says:

    After this, you must have a big inspiration. Use it for writing a new song. It’s going to be darn good.

  4. Danielle Liard Says:

    Love to you from your friends.


  5. Chris Percy Says:

    Good for you Danielle. Sometimes thats what it takes to find closure. You are stronger now. C

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