June 19, 2013

I just spent two hours at Taksim.  Just standing up silently. 

Earlier today I noticed a peaceful vibe in the air.  For the first time in days.  Even the tramway was back on Istiklal.  

The day had been good for me as I practiced quite a bit and wrote quite a bit too.  I had started a collection of poems last September.  I think I got them all now.  I wanted at least ten.  I’m not sure how I am going to call this little collection but I think I will self publish them. 

So walking back from my espresso haunt, I soaked in the neighborhoods, the calm, the gorgeous light, too more cat pictures and generally enjoyed the walk.  

In front of Starbucks I had noticed 3 women standing in silence…  they were facing the store…  

When I got home my flatmates were watching the news and that is when I realized that there was a silent protest going on.  

I practiced some more and when my head and fingers couldn’t do it anymore, I headed out for a walk, arrived at Taksim Square.  Approached the police lines and just stood there.  I meditated for the whole time.  

I walked back leisurely, it was already past 1 AM.  The moon is large, yellowing in the sky, incredibly beautiful.  In the distance the mosques are all lit up.  The taxis honk their horn at me, they do that expecting you’ll jump in…  

A good day in Istanbul.  Peace tasted like fresh melon.  


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