A month and smoke

June 28, 2013


Been here for a month now…

It is a cloudy day and it is a relief. About 78 degrees after the very hot last couple of days. Rain is on the way for the week end and it will feel good.


So after a month, here is what has taken place:

I had 4 saz lessons, witnessed the uprising of a people, negotiated protests, police and crowd reactions and was surprised by my instincts in such situations… I saw the full moon over Beyoglu.  I met quite a few Iranians and found them really amazing. I played on Istiklal street.  I saw the Bosphorus under the moon, racing clouds and stars into Istanbul traffic from the back of a motorcycle. I wrote new poems, finished the 12 poem series started last August. I experienced (finally (!)) personal closure with my broken heart story, I put my CD online. I ate really good food. I made new friends whose honesty has been more than a blessing. I’ve made quite a few zig zags with changes of plans and such.

What didn’t quite happen yet:

the saz learning and seeing the tourist attractions.


What is on my list right now:

Release the CD online, play on the street (need to get a mini amp for that which might happen today), meet and play with local musicians, meet some women (Where are they?!?!) Have regular saz lessons, write new songs, get the residency permit, improve my Turkish (which means to be more brave and jump in and look (and sound dumb!)  And see the country.



I’m still pondering the apartment. Last night the smoking started, I said something about it, and I got the “it’s only one cigarette…” answer. This is what I feared. How do you explain to a smoker the amount of discomfort the smoke from one cigarette causes. I was really feeling ill. I was almost asleep and suddenly I felt like throwing up. I woke up this morning coughing, my chest tight… I still think that it’s unfair and actually impossible to have 6 smokers change their habits for me… and I am really wishing for clean air… I saw that someone had put a towel at the bottom of the living room door… Nice try, but nothing stops those fumes I know, I tried from my side of the door and my room seems to be where the air current from the front of the house exits… so everything comes through…


So I will have to speak up… and pretty likely I will have leave if I am to breathe clear air.


Which brings me to the question: “What should be next?”


I am not sure what I should do… I have an itch to go, be on the move, but I do need to handle the residency permit, which means I have to have, well… a residence… 

In the mean time, Istanbul is gorgeous, crazy, wild, chaotic and  oh so beautiful



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