early mornings

July 11, 2013



Oh… those who know me, know how hard mornings are for me.

This week I have been going to school, I signed up for Turkish language school, for a month. They had morning and afternoon classes. I was hoping for an afternoon class but no… it was only possible in the morning at 9:30 until 1:30 PM

I’ve been hurting… yeah… I know, I know… it’s just not normal for me. Never really has been. I have done it, I do it when I need to and this is one of those times… starting on the heels of a few very eventful and short on sleep days.

I get up at 10 to 8 and I am truly in pain. Brain freeze, body just so, ever so, slow. I am hoping that things get better because right now it’s totally “zor, zor, zor…” (difficult) The good news, I am learning much. The curve is very steep. I never did much Turkish speaking, so all that I learned I never really used except on paper where you can take all the time in the world to construct, find words, look at definitions… At times I feel totally overwhelmed, then I have a big victory understanding an actual “real” conversation.

I am very curious to see what I will be able to understand and use in a month. So far, the homework keeps me busy until around 5 PM. My ideas of doing “this and that after class” have all but evaporated.

I had a couple of neat emails, one from a publisher I had contacted regarding my book. He is interested in reading more, the other, a notification that I am on the “Top 40” Reverb Nation Ottawa chart… in the scheme of the music industry it probably means next to nothing but it was kind of cool to get that.

I have now been here for 7 weeks. With this course underway July will basically be just that: Study and play at the hostel at night. Maybe some interesting things on week ends but mostly staying put. I have the seminar in Houdetsi Greece (on the island of Crete) from August 19th to 24th that is organized so far. I heard of a few things around here that I could do and want to do, like free saz and percussion classes in Kadikoy. I yet have to find the place and see what is available but hopefully that will work.

A couple of days ago a guy who happened to be at the hostel showed me two tunings and the makams (scales) that go along the tunings, I was fast enough to get my camera and film this. I transcribed the information in notes that I can practice now. Sam, a percussionist from the USA who has been travelling in different countries to learn “world music” percussion was sharing his experience and I am starting to see that maybe the way for me to learn is to learn on the street. Word of mouth… Academic studies do not really interest me.

What I have been doing lately is to play along with musicians. We sit, jam and share. Much is being absorbed… I’ll play either guitar or saz and let the things I hear inspire me and that has led me to many new places. Very interesting. Living music as it is (I believe) meant to exist : in a shared creative wave instead of in the solitude of a studio or room. I am seeing more and more this difference between the “me” way of making music in the West and the “we” way of making music here.

I see more and more that this is not just a matter of learning techniques and going home but truly a process of loosening the cultural preconceived notions so that new concepts can enter and new roads can be found. I really hope I can stay long enough to be able to do this.

I think of you all often. All my love.



3 Responses to “early mornings”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Live your blogs & pics. Great music beautiful voice!

  2. connie pryor Says:

    Thank you enjoy listening to your music & reading your adventures.

  3. This is beautiful, Danielle. My experience of making music as a child, in the company of my elders, was always a “community” experience. It is how I was raised. I have missed that type of music-making terribly for decades. God bless you, Danielle. Keep growing!


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