school days and homework.

July 17, 2013



Yours truly hanging out at the Chill Out hostel in Istanbul

Oh I am not doing a good job of writing this blog…


I am on week two of the Turkish language class. It has gotten a little bit easier, schedule wise and work load wise. The vocabulary is what crushes me! So many words to remember… I remember the names better if I am using the objects.. But I must say, I am starting to understand quite a bit more. Still very clumsy with talking but I think that doing this class for a month, talking with friends at the hostel at night every night will bring me to a point where I can do more than ask for where the toilet is and say thank you!


So many things in my mind.


This journey has been very much about discovering things about myself that were hiding in plain sight. The people I am meeting seem to bring mirrors with them…


What to say…


I am tired… it’s been hard to change my schedule and it’s been hard to lose my nights as it is always the time where my mind and creative spark is sharpest… I’ve had to be patient with myself as I sit in class and cannot compute anything as if my brain was frozen… Asbjorn knows this blank early morning look on my face… Then, at night, trying to fall asleep before 2 AM is proving to be quite the challenge…


So after this week, two more weeks of self sacrifice for the sake of knowledge and communication and I’ll be free… I’m already getting antsy contemplating the possibilities… take the road… see a bit of the country. I’m thinking Konya first, the place where Rumi lived…


The big thing looming in front of me is the residency permit, I need to put together a number of documents, photocopies, photos, money etc. for July 24th, yeah, next week. I need to pull my head out of the books and get this done… That permit will determine a number of things. What I do with my time.


Right now, after talking to a few people I am thinking of traveling in Turkey for the first half of August, possibly do a walking trip… then come back to Istanbul to then fly to Athens and from there I would go to Crete via ferry and do the baglama seminar from the 19th to the 25th. After that head to Carcassonne to visit friends there. I would also like to find a motorcycle in France, for one, I’ll be able to get something with more cc’s for the same money I would spend in Istanbul for a 250cc machine, which I think will not be enough for highway riding… From Carcassonne I would return to Turkey to really get into the baglama studies through the winter… of course all of this can change with the blink of an eye… but so far I’m thinking that.


I really want to ride a motorcycle on this continent… see this part of the world from two wheels. The money? Well , we’ll see… usually it materializes… After meeting all these musicians from Spain, Iran among others, I realize how much there is to absorb from all over music wise…. yeah… so much to see… so much to hear and share.


Apologies for not writing much… it’s a bit intense to be going to school right now. But I believe it will pay off… I should be taking more pictures too… I will get back to it… Hugs to you all.



These photos were taken by Thanh from Germany, they are on his blog:  


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