Words to go with the pictures

July 27, 2013



Steve wrote: “ the images leave me hungry for names, situations ..”


Yes indeed… I have been so busy, then not so well, then busy… I sit down at the Chill out and there is always someone to talk to, something going on, or I just have to go take a nap…


Last week… well, last week started normally, with me going to school but when it was time to leave, I tried to get out of my chair and fell back down… tried again, same thing.


I had to lie down, then had all sorts of symptoms… A good hour later I headed back to the hostel, a few blocks from home, I started to feel quite bad again… arrived at the hostel, then almost fainted… I ended up in a taxi with Yuksel (the guy with the bald head on the previous post’s pictures) and Bartin (the guy with the beard) heading to the hospital with all sorts of symptoms.


To make a long story short, I waited for a while, got a cursory doctor’s exam. The doctor wanted me to get a tomography and an MRI and blood tests. and waited some more then spent a bunch of time on the phone with the insurance company, first in France, then in Canada, then in California… yeah… multinationals at work… then, nothing happened. The insurance and the hospital chasing one another for forms, releases and approvals.


Nothing happened. As I was feeling a bit better we took a taxi back to the hostel. The next morning I did not go to class. I called the hospital, the insurance company… then I got mad… One person says one thing, then another says something else. In short they wanted me to be admitted in the hospital for 24 hours to send the consent forms…


I gave up. I’ll get better on my own.


The next day, it was “residency permit day.” with the tourist visa you have 90 days. That runs out August 26th. That was the topic of a whole post in itself… the short of it, I went to the police station (unnerving thing in itself after running away from police for the last two months..) but they were very nice boys… then I got lost confusing Şişli with Şişhane… I confused the two and went the wrong way and lost a couple hours and liras in the process but when it was all said and done, it was unlike all the comments I read on the internet about the process, I did not wait in long lines and the whole thing is done, I have now permission to stay for 11 months.


That was a wild thing to realize.


Since before I left I had no idea what was going to happen after the 3 months. Now I know.


Thursday, I went back to class. I had to take it easy but I made it. We had class at maçka park I brought the saz and played songs for the class, my teacher filmed some of it, I think she is going to put it on the school Facebook account.

The picture with the men lying on the grass… well, the park is gigantic… these workers came and set up their little camp a mere 20 feet from all of us! It was pretty funny!

Back to the Chill Out Friends were there smoking outside. Urs from Switzerland and Alimjan from China, and more precisely an Uygun Turk, in a part of China that used to be where the original Turks came from so many eons ago..


We went for lunch. Another moment of sheer beauty with so much humanity and the joy of sharing with other beings the simple things of life. After that I rested some, taking my potion, putting ice on my neck and going for a nap.


Later that night we decided to go to the Kara Kedi. A club I had heard about and had been invited to. Urs knew the way so Yüksel, Urs and I set out. When we arrived I had the really good surprise of seeing Marta and Mar, two Spanish girls I had met the night the Chillout was filled with tear gas. Mar was the one that was my “saviour” helping me breathe…


I ended up playing 3 songs during the band’s break, it was really cool. I started by myself then the drummer joined in and closely following him, the saxophone player joined in. It was quite magical, it felt good and energized me in a way no medicine can.



to school I went, then back to the hostel, again, friends are there when I arrive. We had been invited to a goodbye party as Marta is leaving Istanbul Saturday. As we head out the sun is setting (pictures of sunset..) The party took place in this flat up at the 6th floor so the view is impossibly magical.


We had really great food and the crowd kept getting bigger. The picture with all the shoes is what a Turkish home’s entrance looks like as we are all required to remove our shoes!


Later we headed out to another club where I might be able to play but fatigue got the best of me and I headed back to the Chillout.


So now, it’s 10 PM. I did my homework this morning… almost 4 hours of it… its very intense… but I’m learning a lot. Then I took it easy.


I am starting to think about the bike again… now that I have my residency permit (I’ll have the document this coming Wednesday) I had thoughts of going hiking but with my neck and health the way they are, unless things change for me, I would not be able to carry a backpack… my laptop is kind of too much to carry as it is… but on the bike I could get to places… then explore the areas.

Things have been a little bit unsettling to say the least with this health thing. It puts a bit of a large unknown factor in the picture. I am still searching step by step, trying to stay in tune with me, my truth. The cultural change is big and it makes me look at many things with new elements to analyse with.


Music wise, I am supposed to meet with a music professor this week who might be able to direct me to a teacher and with whom I can ask questions about what I am trying to learn.


Yavaş, yavaş as they say here… slowly, slowly, that is one of the “cultural differences..”




One Response to “Words to go with the pictures”

  1. francoise Says:

    Salut ma belle Danielle, quel courage que tu as d’etudier la langue et oui, c’est vital. La difficulte des papiers , de la sante, on le vit aussi pour les nouveaux arrivants. Les refugies n’ont plus le droit aux prestations medicales depuis le mois de mars. Un grand merci a notre gouvernement.
    Tu vis ce que les nouveaux arrivants vivent tau Canada.
    Tous les jours, je les vois et je me vois. il y a 30 ans, baignant dans le meme bain des nouvelles connaissances, de l’inpuissance que nous ressentons vis a vis des lois, de la sante et de nos droits crees par nos gouvernements. Il y a des fois, je ne peux meme pas imaginer tant trop de ridicules interviennent. Mais tu vas t’en sortir car tu es resilient (Excuse … est-ce en francais?) tu es combattante, vrai, tu as un enorme talent. Ton voyage, tu dois le faire, c’est evident, tu dois le faire car c’est le parcours de ta vie, c;est vital! Tu es sur ta ligne de vie ma belle amie que j’aime. Je te suis, je te surveille, je veux te proteger et en meme temps, je sais que tu as besoin de toute cette libert e pour que tu puisses explorer, absorber, aimer , adorer , detester, vivre toutes les emotions afin f’arriver au but que tu cherches et de grandir . Je t’aime, je t’admire , tu representes toutes les femmes qui vont de l’avant. Continue, si tu as besoin de suppot, appelle-nous toutes! On est la pres de toi! Bisous ma belle!

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