course over!

August 3, 2013

Where to start…


Yuksel & Fabienne

Yuksel & Fabienne

I have not written in a while and much seems to happen everyday yet I’m still in the same spot. Yesterday I was sick like a dog, something I ate I think… fever and throwing up all day long… that happened after coming back from my last Turkish class and with two hours of sleep the night  before because I had played a set at the Leyla teras…  yeah, a bit intense…


I played at the Kara kedi last week end, there I met with Eren who is an amazing drummer, he invited me to play Monday night at The Wall, there we did two sets and those two sets set me flying… it felt so, so good to play with a good sound system and an incredible musician. I was on a gigantic high after that… Eren said maybe we could play again in the coming week, but that did not materialize, he sent me to the Layla Teras but he could not come as he was playing somewhere else. I went there and they asked me if I had an amplifier because the sound system was down. I went back to the hostel got my mini amp and it served for both myself and the other guys who were playing there that night.


They gave me 35 lira… which is not quite $20… my friend said it wasn’t right, but I chalk it to the “pay your dues” kind of thing.


I have met a new baglama teacher and I really hope that this will work out.  His father was a musician.  He learned from him the traditional music of the Alevi people,  he has been studying the relationship of music and spirituality, which is something I really want to approach…   He now teaches at the conservatoire here in Istanbul. We had a first meeting last week and I am very excited about the possibilities. We will see what the future brings.





Alimjnan and Merlin L'Enchantier


I am at a point where I need to decide what to do for the next few weeks. I feel that I need a break, get out of the city and the non-stop stimulation so to hear what my heart tells me. I am thinking of getting a bike but I am worried about spending the little money I have… I feel I need to get on two wheels and see the country, see the ocean, be in a quiet place, relax, then start the study. These last two months have been so, so, so full. I am a bit worn out. The course was way more demanding than I expected, there has been construction noise night and day, heavy humidity and heat and now I have been sick twice in the last two weeks… I need a break…


Samira, who did not want her picture taken...

Samira, who did not want her picture taken…

Good news: I got my residency permit last Wednesday, I am allowed to stay 11 more months. It was not the painful process I was led to believe everything happening smoothly with no endless lines… seems I was lucky. So that means I can stay here until June 2014.


I have been meeting so many amazing people… they come and go, that being the nature of the hostel clientele.


sitting is Moses with his friend

sitting is Moses with his friend

A friend of mine wrote words that helped me put my situation in focus. She is from Belgium and was comparing my experiences with hers when she immigrated to Canada. Everything is so different, new, the language barrier at times can make things really frustrating and very unclear. Turkey is a “man’s world” and the way they disregard you can at times be quite tiresome.


On the other hand there is incredible poetry in living the daily life. The moments where I have human connection are of deep, deep beauty.


I feel I am fumbling still. Trying to see though the cultural differences. It is a massive learning experience.  It is as if I cannot expect anything, what happens is always something I did not expect.  It’s OK though, it is rich, colorful, it does fill my “adrenaline addiction”

I am expecting that in a couple of days I will have recovered from this intensive class and will make more sense with my writing!


all my love



2 Responses to “course over!”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    So sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I understand & can feel some of the things your saying. I’m so glad things are going OK for you. Best of luck with your music. Take a break Danielle everybody needs one once in a while.

  2. Danielle Liard Says:

    So how about a bicycle instead of a motor bike? Get some exercise at the same time as you roam around. You’ve been immersed in a lot of noise and confusion, things coming at you from all sorts of quarters, from new friends to tear gas, and anything in between. You need something a bit slower so you can catch your breath and really think and be yourself.

    Take care of yourself, I hate hearing you have been sick. You have to stay healthy to achieve your dreams.

    Much love


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