home sweet home

August 11, 2013

I now have a home. I moved yesterday.


The way it happened is kind of neat. Thursday night I played with Eren, he had invited some friends which I met after the show (which went really really well) I shook hands with them and the night went on…  (that might be a whole other post coming up…)


with Eren at Leyla Teras

with Eren at Leyla Teras

Then next day, Friday, I was putting the computer away when I suddenly remembered that I should be looking for a room. I was really tired as I had slept only a few hours and my head was foggy. I turned the computer back on and went online to Craigslist, first doing a generic search for a room for rent, then asking myself:


“Where do you want to be?”


I answered to myself


“Galata Tower, I love Galata Tower and the area…”


so I punched in “Galata Tower” “Room for rent”


the second ad had a picture that captured my attention… two chairs that looked Egyptian, a bit of floor and rug and a bookshelf.


“That feels right…” I thought to myself. I wrote an email, kept looking a bit but didn’t really see anything else that spoke to me.


A few minutes later my phone rings.




“Hi I call from the apartment. Is this Danielle?”


“Yes, it’s Danielle”


“I was at your show last night.”




“Yes, I am Eren’s friend Güvenç.”


Then I remembered.

“That’s crazy! How cool is that!!!???”

So we set up a rendez-vous for me to see the room and I hung up. A couple of hours later I went to see the room, the apartment, and I loved it. I decided to take it. The other funny thing is that my room mate is the other friend. We agreed and set the moving day to Saturday. I love the way this was so simple, full of magic and coincidence… These days there is much of this sort of things going on. Meeting Eren at the Kara Kedi set out a whole slew of events, meetings… one of these times of connections. And I am not the only one living this, like a time of accelerating events… very interesting…

So yesterday, Fatih and Yüksel helped me move from the Chillout to my new home. I am REALLY grateful for their help, as my suitcase, containing mainly electronics, cables, books and stuff like that was incredibly heavy! I would have had to make 3 trips… My Chillout family… it is hard to leave them behind, but they are not far and I can stop by anytime…

And speaking of stopping by, Saturday was also Yüksel’s birthday. I had bought him a small gift, a black braided leather bracelet, there are tons of really nice ones around Galata. I made it there kind of late, but in time to catch Yüksel, light up a cake, play him some songs and share a warm really good time.

Yuksel and his birthday cake

Yuksel and his birthday cake

One of the people there started making flaming Sambucca drinks, then more of the Hostel’s patrons came back and more alcohol flowed. Yüksel was very, very happy. He is now officially my soul brother.

flaming Sambucca

flaming Sambucca

my new front door

my new front door

Sunday morning, well, afternoon to be truthful, after a good 10 hours of sleep which I needed so badly I went out for espresso. For the first time since I arrived I actually felt that this was my home. I felt I had arrived… and it was a beautiful feeling.

the view from the espresso place

the view from the espresso place

I am playing music, I found a bağlama (saz) teacher, I’m starting my classes very soon, I have friends who really care, the city is incredible, it feels like many things are lining up. I am really enjoying playing with Eren. He is a whimsical player, a beautiful free soul.

Tomorrow night (monday) I play with him at the Kara Kedi again. I am hoping to get my delay pedal adaptor replaced… I fried it one day using it without the converter… I hope the pedal is not fried… The little Go Guitar is keeping on. I’ve been having some issues with it, yesterday I cleaned it, changed the strings and tightened the jack which had started to get loose. So much possibilities. Life is amazing…

view from my window

view from my window

4 Responses to “home sweet home”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    I’m glad your pleased with your new place. Looks & sounds great!! Have fun tonight!!

  2. connie pryor Says:

    Not Bad at all. Hope you enjoy your new place!!:):):) once again thank you for allowing me to see some of the world through your eyes. I’m really enjoying your pics, music& blogs. Enjoy yourself tonight!!!!!!

  3. connie pryor Says:

    Hi Danielle
    Just finished reading how you started with your music. Your story is ausome ausome ausome. Your family is musically talented. That is great. You just get it naturally. That is ausome. Not only do you have music talent but your an artist as well. I want all of your musical talent sent tho my fb page. I enjoy reading your adventuras blogs, looking at yours pics. Its all so very exciting. Please sent all yo my fb page.

    Thank you Danielle
    Big hugs connie

  4. Sheila Says:

    Wonderful to see your updates Danielle! We just passed through Turkey via Ephesus and loved it. Wished I could have spend more time. Looks like you’re digging in and really feeling the culture and people as it should be. Keep it coming.
    Love, Sheila xo

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