another move… and Syria

August 29, 2013

Yet another move.

I’m almost finished moving to a new room. Yes, I just, just did… what was it.. two week ago… barely.

Again it was a matter of smoke, a different kind of smoke but smoke nonetheless. I have pretty intense physical reactions to some substances. Like pot for example. I tried it in my late teens and did not like it. I remember panic, a sense of out of control-ness. When I had just moved to BC I went to a party and partook in the partying practices… and again hated the pot experience as my eyes felt rolled up inside my head… I never touched the stuff since.


Well, in my apartment, for a few days there were many guests, and yes, much of the funny-tabacky smoke and I experienced those physical reactions all over again.


On day three, I felt I was heading for a pure true blue panic attack and felt physically ill. I think there is something in my DNA that just abhors the stuff. But in a truth, I get high on Tylenol and people call it a “mild” pain reliever. In 2011 I ended up in the hospital, I was given morphine and that sent me into a full out allergic reaction with a quarter of the dose they were going to administer, scaring the emergency staff, the boyfriend at the time and myself half to death. It seems I do not tolerate these substances. So I had to move, because I could not expect anyone to change their lifestyles… and roommates.. well they are replaceable I out I went.


I was kind of sad, because I really like these guys, there was a very nice camaraderie… but life goes on.


Tuesday night was when I realized that I had to move. Right after that realization I had retreated to the Chillout once more and there I had talked to a friend who has a friend who has rooms… Wednesday afternoon we met to visit the said friend, just a little way further down the hill near the tower. We meet, talk, shake hands, I see the rooms, there were two available, I picked one, went to the bank to get the rent money, came back, handed the cash, got the keys and home sweet home I had.


So here I am, closer yet to my beautiful Galata Tower



There is a rooftop terrace, kitchen, washing machine, resident cats, internet.  I got my own room with a big window




room for my meditation cushion, as you can see, and here is the view from the window:




here is the view coming out of the building



and the walk way to the street




The owner has a second hand, vintage store at the ground floor.

I operated the move in three short trips.  I am home now.


But while I go on about these simplistic topics the world shakes and trembles while it waits to see what the mighty powers of this world will decide to do to Syria. Syria is a neighbor of Turkey. Syria has been in a civil war since 2011. Until now besides the “poor guys” uttered once in a while, the issue was pretty much ignored. But then came the Chemical weapons upon civilians… with this outrage, with this ethical line crossed, the big guys ponder war, and a “punitive” action.


There is much sadness around me regarding this. Sadness and anger at the powers who give themselves the right to sanction such ugliness.

Whichever way you put it, when you hit “punitive targets” you are pretty much guaranteed of hitting civilians, create more unrest, retaliation and aggravate the risk of an all out war with Iran, Russia, China. The goal of “protecting civilians” nowhere in sight. Oh! those grand objectives… like the Canadian Government telling us that the war in Afghanistan was about protecting women’s rights…. Yeah, sure…


War does not work.


Never did.


People just want to live their lives… Superpowers do not give a crap about people. And the West has no clue about the Middle East and should stay out of it. I am amazed at the coldness I read from comments in most everything I read from FB to news pages from my fellow Westerners. I can’t help but see that there doesn’t seem to be a recognition that we are talking about the lives, cities, countries of people like you and I… There is focus on “issues” it’s not issues, it’s people. Like you and me. Like your mother and brothers and sisters. Like your best friends. Like the guy who works at the corner store. They are not Islamists or arabs or Syrian or Turks, or Iranians, they are human beings. They love, laugh, live just like you. The minute you accept or find acceptable to bomb a city you have lost touch with its humanity.


Imagine this taking place in your town, village, city… just think… how acceptable is it? OK then lets bomb this ghetto in Los Angeles to “punish” the drug dealers who get people hooked on whatever the drug is… is that acceptable? Because you might happen to be driving on the freeway that lines that neighborhood and be “collateral damage” Is this acceptable?


It is not isn’t it? It never will be. Close your eyes. Imagine… you’re sitting at home, you hear a sound… a jet? A high powered helicopter… it gets closer and suddenly your living room explodes in front of your eyes.. your daughters were playing in there, but as you look that room has disappeared… this is the reality of war, of bombings. Not some cold schema on a CNN screen with arrows showing the trajectory of the prepared attack on target, all looking so clean, neat, reasonable.


We’re not talking about disturbing a daily commute.. we’re talking about destroying lives, defacing neighborhoods, killing innocents and encouraging more violence to follow.


Please put it in your minds, hearts, words, actions, dreams and visions of the future. We cannot afford to attack our fellow human beings. Period. There is no acceptable collateral damage.


Yes, this part of the world is hard to understand for us Westerners. It is wildly different. The more time I spend here, the more I realize how complex and deep the issues are. The French and English still fight in Canada because of “wrongs” done 400 years ago. In this part of the world there are thousands of years of history involving so many parties, races, communities, political views… it is impossible to assess this with an A to B North American attitude. There is no all purpose cleaner to wipe the problems off. We simply do not understand how this universe functions. Watching CNN political analysis segments does not give us the depth of understanding required to make a reliable judgment or even to comment.


I say No to War,

it’s machines,

its machinations,

and the greedy and unconscionable who profit from it.

3 Responses to “another move… and Syria”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Yes Danielle I agree war sucks. Sorry to hear you had to move yet again. The pics you took all around your place are great. I totally understand about not bring able to tolerate any drugs even if I drink a little too much its me severely sick. Have to be very careful.happy you’ve found a new place. Maybe everything will go OK there since your by yourself. Keep that music coming!!!!!

  2. Danielle Liard Says:

    Oh Danielle, you put that so well! There’s a quote I love to use, from Isaac Asimov: ‘Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent’. Really sums it up. Think about it a bit, and you’ll see how it applies in so many ways.

    Take care of yourself sweetie.

    Much love


  3. G. Says:

    ….may all goes well on your way.
    Be blessed!

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