September 1 2013, thankful

September 1, 2013

I did not go out tonight.  I was tempted but I went back to the rooftop terrace with the guitar

I got two new songs that are coming into the world right now.  One showed up last night.  Got the Go guitar in drop C… yeah, rattle and roll…  but cool.

I played the bağlama for a few hours tonight.  I guess this is the first time since I am here in Istanbul that I actually have “space” to sit down and zone out with no one around… well.. the whole Galata area kind of overlooks this place…  but I am on my own up there, with the Tower one one side, the camii on the other side, (mosque), a hostel across, and many, many apartments all around.  The street sounds rise from all around, cars, voices, music, birds, the muezzin at set intervals…








Saturday night.

Here there is much concern about this war.  There is sadness.  Some of my new friends are from Syria, Iran… I feel their pain.  I want this to stop, this war spirit…  Maybe with fall tempers will cool down?

These last two days there is relief because the stifling weather finally was broken by clouds and rain.  I have not seen rain for weeks.    There should be a “time out” when the sun’s like this; no important decisions of any kind should be made, political, familial, job related…  war related…  Just make sure everyone is not just overheating… losing their center…

A new month, September is here now…  a new week tomorrow…

I’ve decided to look at what some of the dreams I had before coming here.  I want  to make sure I achieve the meaningful ones… time is flying so fast, I’ve already been here 3 months…

I could not imagine being anywhere else.

Sometimes I am so baffled… yet most of the time a kind of wonder and impossible joy rises…
I start looking around… absorbing the actuality… and it’s so amazing, so unreal,
the sounds, the friends, the music, the intensity, the LIFE

But maybe it’s more than just this place, maybe it’s the perfecting of the life as an electron.

The quest.  My quest…  This journey I set out on in 2010…

Maybe the world is as amazing as this no matter where you are.

Maybe people are this great everywhere

Maybe it’s all about stopping to think you know

Maybe it’s about not having expectations and truly receiving what comes to you

I’m just a silly minstrel in the hands of the Gods


I love the color of the light

I love the mad chaos that leaves room for beautiful improvisation

I love the way the wind blows from the Bosphorus, giving you relief when you least expect it.

I love the way the people will find humor in the hardest times.  It speaks of incredible strength

I love the ancient voice of the woman who sings on Istiklal late at night

I am so thankful for all the goodness I am being bestowed daily, from so many strangers who then become family

I am so thankful for all the love that there is in this world

I am so thankful that I still have a chance to express the colors of my feelings through music,

That I have the chance to let the songs rise towards the stars and go where ever music goes once it has been sung,

the sound waves forever expanding into infinity.

I plunge


into this great wide open pool that is life



Love you

Miss you






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