I Tell My Heart, a video

September 7, 2013

Well, these last two days I spent a lot of time in my room late at night on the laptop.

Been listening to Random Access Memory from Daft Punk

Been listening to the Lord Of The Rings Symphony on Youtube


while I listened  I created a little video for my song “I Tell My Heart”
It was this email notification that inspired me to get going



That email as well as some personal bumps that made the song relevant and notched up my energy up to the creative level

Lets give credit where it’s due:

Songwriting, guitars, vocals:  Yours truly

Bass: Robbie Harrington from Nashville TN

Drums: Matt Luneau From NY

Recording, mixing, mastering : Commodor Barrett

this was in the studio…


some acoustic guitars I used…



No electronics were abused int he making of this music




Robbie Harrington, on bass





Commodor at work…

Bogner Love


Electric guitar set up



This is Matt Luneau on drums when we tracked the beds




…and this is me the day, the moment, we realized we were done…


Now for the video…
The amazing portraits:  Heather Bejar, Upland, California



This is Heather and her helper, the day we took the photos… She is an amazing artist:  Photographer, jewellery maker and much more…  here is a link to her jewellery store https://www.etsy.com/shop/nohnahme

All the other stuff, pictures, videos were taken by me over the last 2 years or so.

The video footage was taken while driving through the maritime provinces at night in September 2011 and so was the waterfall footage.  Most of the photos were taken in Ottawa inside a car in the winter, giving those images the necessary brrr… factor…

Heather Bejar’s images were photoshopped by me…  The video was made with the lowest common denominator of video making software:  Windows Live Movie Maker.   In the past I’ve had some really big budget productions made but I must say this was a very satisfying and fun project to undertake and… nice to not have to wait for deadlines, people, money, and all the brakes that usually get put on when one tries to accomplish something…

I released the CD in July without much more fanfare than telling my mailing list about it…  up to today I had only sold one copy since the release…  I sold a couple more last night.  If you’re so inclined, please share the link, ask people to comment…  I’m trying to give this music a bit of a chance to be heard…  so if you like it, ask your friends to listen…

Yeah, it’s a bit wild to be here, on the other side of the globe promoting my music…  but why not?

Here is the link to the song:  http://youtu.be/FgUB7GVexbQ

And here are links to hear and if you’re so inclined, buy the music. http://daniellehebert.bandcamp.com/  all my albums are there now, all available for download.  I stopped doing the physical CDs for the moment… They just don’t work on the back of a motorcycle or in a traveler’s suitcase half way around the world.

Some images from the video:





I hope you enjoy the clip.  Now, I think I might go on the Terrace and play some music, surrounded by the sounds of Istanbul.



One Response to “I Tell My Heart, a video”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Danielle you& all who put it together are great & did a wonderful job. I love it!!!,,

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