OMG!!! I’m so excited… it’s about the album…

September 14, 2013

I could not help but post again…

I just received my very first official album review for my latest, BEAT IT TO PIECES

From Vancouver… from Cal Koat at World Beat Canada.

Some of you actually have been in the know because you have been following this since 2010… 2011… 2012…  2013…  Yeah, time flies.

I had started to write the songs in late 2009.  Went in the studio in January 2010,  March 2010… then the whole thing just about died as one of the producers, the one who had money, ran away in the middle of the night…  I got mad and got even and got the bed tracks done when all seemed doomed.

then it took months to be able to go back in the studio…  finally in September I could go.  Then I did most of the guitars and vocals… it was so much work as I was the only one doing all this…  Then months went by again… in March 2011 I was finally able to go back.  I had that feeling that if I didn’t get it done then it would never get done… like a premonition.

at the end of the 21 days, the mixes were “almost” done… then I waited… and waited… there was about 10 hours of work left to do but for one reason or another it was not getting done…  Finally 18 months later I finally got the masters… then there was an issue with the masters… then… In July 2013 I released it… almost symbolically…  I was sitting at the Chill Out hostel in Istanbul and pressed the “go” button and “released” the album with a constant contact email to my friends… Then… I sold one copy.   !!!! yes.  One copy.

Last week, I got an email.  I had submitted the song “I tell my heart” to the “Song of the year” songwriting contest.  No I did not win, I was semi finalist… so I went as high as I could before winning then didn’t.  But that’s really good because that means I passed thousands of songs…

So I thought, lets put a little video together… I’m here in Istanbul with a simple laptop and Windows Movie Maker, which is about as basic as you can get for video making… but I put this together:

Then… tonight I get this message… a review…

And this is what it says:

Contemporary global music is woefully underexposed. That is the sole impetus behind our work in presenting, programming and promoting its artists. But, sometimes I feel like we do them an additional disservice by focusing exclusively on the aspect of their work that falls into the global genre. Most well-rounded artists have musical interests beyond the styles they are known for, and many will make the time and effort to apply themselves in these other directions. Danielle Hebert is a gutsy vocalist and a wicked guitar player who bears the markings of a multitude of influences. Visit her online at and peruse her biography. It’s an engaging and adventure-filled tale that begins in rural Quebec where she studied classical and jazz guitar; classical from her mother’s musical love and Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix from her father’s. In storybook fashion, the tale moves from the new world countryside to the old world’s great cities; Berlin, Paris and London, equestrian competition, sculpting, French albums, bilingual albums, then an English language album. All of these things play integral parts in shaping her musical vision. She’s currently in Istanbul studying the baglama or saz, a tear drop, long neck lute that is shared by many cultures around the Middle East. No doubt, this experience too will manifest itself in more global sounds from this versatile musician. But, that’s not what Beat It To Pieces is about. Before Turkey, Danielle found herself playing the part of a 21st century wandering minstrel. With no fixed address, a travel guitar and a motorcycle she struck out on a 40 thousand kilometer solo odyssey around the USA, returning to mix out this, her 5th album, a summation of a tumultuous chapter in her life, filled with themes of love, resilience and courage. And, it rocks big time. A wispier voice wouldn’t be up to the sonic challenge her guitar throws down, but Danielle retains control and confidence. The opening power pop juggernaut, ‘Gonna Lose My Fear’ hooks the ear with a mighty declaration of defiance, couched in a Bob Mould-style wall of guitars. Other tracks like ‘ Wicked Girl’ and ‘Make Sound’ are as heavy as anything ever recorded by Soundgarden or Alice In Chains. Deeply anchored bass work by Robbie Harrington, solid drumming from Matt Luneau and production by Commodor Perry Barrett (that’s his given name) flesh out a vital record that reveals more of the fascinating story that is Danielle Hebert. No, it’s not global; you’ll probably have to wait until the next chapter for that. Stay tuned.

so there you have it….  I am so proud, excited…

I’m so thankful!!!


5 Responses to “OMG!!! I’m so excited… it’s about the album…”

  1. Danielle Liard Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s about time! ❤


  2. Erikakw Says:

    So fantastic Danielle! I am so happy and excited for you. My desktop picture on my new MacBook Air is one of you and Forrest 🙂 thinking of how brave you are to pursue your music in Turkey and now have that amazing influence that puts you squarely in the genre of World music! Congratulations!

  3. World Music is no longer a cliche’! Well done, Danielle!

  4. David Walker Says:

    Finally dearest Danielle, you are seen for the amazing soul you are and your gift to us all. With love and congratulations,

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