Hmmm that was Monday…

September 26, 2013

I can’t believe that last post was only 3 days ago…

A lifetime seemed to have gone by since…

Monday morning I wrote some… then Tuesday came.. and with it Kimberly, fresh from California…  that was a whole post in itself… And now I sit here, I should sleep as last night that did not happen…  at my age when I miss the beauty sleep the beast really shows up!!

OK, so lets go back to Monday morning…

Show tonight…  I am preparing a bit nervously, the last show we played had seemed like an uphill climb, a battle to survive. I often have this feeling that no one wants to hear my music, they want to hear the hits. Then there had been a lack of teamship with my drummer and on to of that, guitar troubles and, and, and… when it starts it is hard to stop the mind from spinning in worry.


I showered, got dressed then headed out in the night, up to Istiklal from Galata tower. First stop, Giolitti for a “to go” espresso. They know me there by now, what I drink, how to prepare it. A few laughs and I continued on, turning down on Bayloz sokak, by Chillout, I went in for a quick hello, a few more laughs and then onto the back streets of Beyoğlu leading to Kara Kedi.


The people on these back streets have come to recognize me;  the woman with the instrument on her back who passes here on late evenings. Through the Balik pasag, lower onto the brothel street where the girls hang half naked out of barred windows trying to lure in customers while the pimps wait across the alley.  A few more blocks and I am just a few doors away from Kara Kedi. I feel good “going to work” I hope all goes well. At the building’s door, an old man always sits , keeping an eye on the premises, we greet each other and I climb up the 3 – 4 flights of stairs.  My beautiful friend Maryam is there, she works there, it’s always such a joy to see her. Then I see Mar, Mar was “my savior” that day at Chillout when the place had been gassed by police. We have a special bond. I go set up, we do sound check, we’re ready.


It starts well, and it gets better, then a saxophone player joins us and it gets really beautiful. At one point I ask the usual: “How are you doing out there?” to which of course no one responds and I continued… “Because I am so happy! Really happy” and laughed.  Flatmates and a  Chillout crew recruited by Yuksel came out to the show.  I heard after the fact that they really enjoyed.  We played two sets. I played my new song, yeah, a new one that I’m quite happy with. I was hoping to dance but the crowd quickly dispersed when we were done. Sometimes the Sunday night is full of fire other times people have to get up early or they partied all week end and they go home or wherever they go early.


Maryam and I climbed on to the roof, sat under a moon that was still pretty substantial and we chatted. After a while 4 of the guys came up to join us. Rain started. We went back inside and the drops of rain turned into a downpour. The place got cold, as the roof is partly open and there are no windows to the street. I heard a big “smash” turned around and saw that the plan was now to make a fire in the fireplace so someone was busy destroying an already broken chair to feed the flames.  We sat around the fireplace listening to music and watching the flames dance. Another magical moment in Istanbul. I feel very blessed to be here among them. To be privy to these moments of beautiful humanity.





I headed into the night. It is a first time for a wet walk back from the gig.  There has virtually been no rain until mid-September in Istanbul. The streets shine from the water, the mood is softer, no one harasses me, but maybe it’s because I have pledged to not feel anger or feel victimized anymore. We create our reality. It’s easy to forget sometimes. A few steps from home, a cute black and white cat came towards me, I pet her. I smile. What a simple great moment.  I get home, unlock the gate, lock the gate. Unlock the door, lock the door in darkness, I climb up the stairs. Put down the bag and the guitar.  as My good friend Asbjorn would say:  We did good.



oh, woke up late… I wasn’t planning to get up so late but so it is… There are many things to do… Kimberly is coming for a few hours between Tuesday and Wednesday on her way to Germany, I am planning to go to Konya for the end of the Mystic Music Festival then travel a bit… yeah, I’m gonna hit the road for a week or two, depending on how things go… so I need to book my flight out, get ready for Kimberly and prepare for my trip… I need a backpack and some walking shoes.


I check my email : translation job in the mailbox. An old client of mine. This is good. A good start. It’s also mom’s birthday and I cannot forget to call. But first things first : Espresso.


Later when I return home, I call mom it’s her birthday.  I dial.  Success, my timing was perfect as we just had enough time to catch up before her friends came to whisk her away for a birthday lunch.

The phone rings. 

“Are you busy”




“Still wanna go for tea?”



“Where do you want to go?”

“We could do the passage or Galata tower” 

we opt for the passage.


“I’ll be there in 12 minutes.” I was in the midst of figuring out my credit card transaction for the flight, I dropped everything and went.


Friends.    I have never so appreciated the value of friends than in the last couple of years..   I feel so happy he’s my friend. I wish I could hug him. I am laughing out loud, so much fun, he has an incredibly sharp mind. After much laughter and conversation we head back out  to Chillout. After debating for a while, he talks about going for a ride (motorcycle) but then decides against because there was no “practical” reason..  I said, well then ride one for me!  and he says: 

You want to ride?


Of course!


So we went to Pierre Loti. The view is astounding. Another tea. We sit there talk, enjoy the night… the tea house lights go off.  time to go.





We ride back.. it’s so cool to ride. From Chillout  I walk back home. Smiling. It’s amazing. So, so, so amazing. I do the translation… Meditate. Thank you.

Tuesday… well that turned out wild… I went to the airport to get Kimberly.  Waited 3 hours searched for 1 hour all over… No Kimberly…  I am a bit concerned.  I check with the airline, yes she was on.  Yes she landed…  but she is nowhere to be found at the terminal..

that will be the next installment!

hugs all around…!


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