Erkan Oğur & İsmail Hakki Demiroğlu in Konya & Konya

October 3, 2013

I had decided to stay here in Konya for two more nights because of another concert.  Yes, I didn’t know until a couple of days ago…  Erkan Oğur & İsmail Hakki Demiroğlu were going to play at the Hiç Hane…  Erkan Oğur is one of the Turkish musicians that made me madly want to come to Turkey.  The first time I heard his album Hiç, I practically melted in tears of … joy?  home finally found?  … recognition of the divine?

I dunno.  But life, luck, the Gods or whatever you call it put that in front of me.  So I stayed.  In the mean time I got food poisoning and now I’m getting a bad flu it seems.  My throat is starting to hurt and all that stuff… but I don’t care.

I was there tonight and it was so beautiful.  I am so grateful.  I felt like I was in a family reunion.

So instead of talking and writing here is a video:

I’m pretty tired too…  I’ll just post some more images…  of the last couple of days…



Ok, this was on the way to the Mevlana Kultur Merkesi, it’s a Peace arch… fronted by two cannons…  you can’t see them in the dark but I guess that’s being honest about the way we see “peacekeeping” in the world… nope, I’m not going there…  lets just enjoy the idea of Peace.



The entrance to the Peace Museum




this symbol is everywhere, I was told it was a Sufi symbol of all religions joined and the theme is repeated everywhere and from Waaaay back.. you’ll see..



part of that symbol, found all over Konya



and again..



in there, somewhat different but still..  and this one below, look above the door.. that is a Seljuk Castle (400-1100)



Sorry not the best photo but I realized this after the fact…

Today I walked around a bit and here are some of what appeared in front of me..



This is the spot where Rumi met Shams… for those in the know, it’s a big deal..  for me, I try to imagine… It seems so far away, like a fairy tale, but here it is…  a meeting that changed many human beings in the years and centuries that followed.



Part of Alaeddin’s mosque…  many things are under renovations, which is more like a complete reconstruction in some spots.  This too is very old.  The site was occupied 3000 years ago… then it was one civilisation after another.  the mosque was completed in 1220.



THis is part of an old Seljuk wall…  couldn’t get close… this is the wall they will rebuild the castle around…



Only in Turkey… for the neophyte, this is an electronic sign representing tea glasses and their little spoons…



The view from the top of my hotel




Jawa, how cool is that?



Textures… superimposed rocks, stones, cement, metal… another thing that is amazing is the metal work on the window grilles… but I’m too shy to photograph them, it seems impolite…



Little pick me up



I walked onto a Medrese, school this was rebuilt



part of the ceiling, here’s that design again… it must have been MAGNIFICENT… all the walls were covered with tilework…








Then I stumbled upon this… A school from the time of the Sultans (1400)


on close up, I cannot believe the stone work…







Here’s a juxtaposition..





I arrived at the museum of archeology too late and this is all I got!  after that I found myself going down streets that were totally different, shops for cars, furniture, tiles then I arrived in the market and I felt I was in another world.  I was so taken I did not take a single photo!

then later, it was the concert… here’s the master’s chair..





the master’s instruments on stage… everything was so simply done.  I can’t begin to explain… no pretense whatsoever, but a love for the musicians’ that was reverence…


and there they came and set up their pick ups on the instruments and put down a binder with songs… no Ipad charts here… not even an instrument stand.  the instruments came in inside soft cases…  Gearitis there isn’t…



This woman, is one of the last descendant of Mevlana (Rumi) She is treated with great respect.  At the Sema ceremony a man from Jordan was all ecstatic for having had his photo taken with her.



and they played…





At the break everyone got comfortable, it was raining really hard at times and the tarpaulins covering the garden were full of water…



that lump is water..



and this is the attempt to get rid of it.



At the end, two helpers grabbed the instruments, here’s one of them… the artists left the stage.  it was pouring down hard so I waited a bit as I had to walk back to the hotel.


So tomorrow I leave Konya…  on the way to Göreme.  I am not feeling the greatest physically, I seem to be getting the flu after this massive food poisoning…  I debated coming back to Istanbul.. but then thought after seeing a comment from a friend telling me to lay back and enjoy the now : “OK, lets go lay back in Kapadokya…  one of the most famous places in Turkey.  I should be gettıng interesting photos…  If I go back now, it will feel like I really missed something..  so on I go, stay on the road a bit longer.

Last night I played my bağlama for a long while… oh that sound… then tonight I saw the master…  I had thoughts about all this… trying to find a teacher… I think a bit differently now.. maybe I’ll just keep on searching for “my” voice on this instrument… forget the scholarly stuff… it’s always the songs that matter in the end…  I’ll learn techniques as I go, with whom I meet.  I’ll find my way… got nothing to prove and so much to enjoy…

K, gotta go… I’m tired!





2 Responses to “Erkan Oğur & İsmail Hakki Demiroğlu in Konya & Konya”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    All of the pics are great & your right the stone work is ausome!!!! Hope you feel better. Safe travels.

  2. francoise moulin Says:

    Desolee que tu sois si patraque. Je crois que tu t’es tellement tracassee ces derniers temps. Il fallait bien que ton corps te parle.Ton corps te dit de relaxer et de prendre les choses comme elles viennent. Tu le fais si bien. Ne lache pas! Tes photos parlent tellement. Imagine d’entrer dans un livre de poesie que tu ecris petit a petit. La danielle qui marche sur des pages blanches et qui y laisse des traces. Hahha! C’est mrveilleux! Tu peux y meme mettre des taches, il n’y a personne qui te le reprochera. Liberte de la creativite! Je suis contente que tu restes! Quelque chose est la pour toi. Tu as passe le test ma belle Danielle!

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