Göreme, freezing cold and music

October 4, 2013

I left Konya on Wednesday morning. Got up early enough to enjoy the free breakfast (my late hours schedule has not been good for that) then loaded up with my backpack and the two instruments and headed out the door. I had tried to book my bus ticket online but there was an issue with the credit card payment so all I knew was to head to the otogar and figure it out there.


I have been heading into the world more and more without preparations at all and in this way, I didn’t know anything other than a mini bus could take me to the bus station (otogar) and that there I would find a bus. I stopped for a Turkish cafe on the way, walked leisurely around Alaaddin Park and there looked for a mini bus, firs one was going the wrong direction so I walked a bit more and the next mini bus was the right one.


At the bus station, I walked in, stopped looked around, when to one booth, then sent me to the next one and there, it was an interesting 1,2,3 process… The attendant took my payment, a young man in a white shirt and a vest, very sharp looking said : “Gel” I follow him out, he starts to run a bit, I follow, I see a bus on it’s way out, stopped on the way to the exit, I run a bit, get to the bus, get in, and off we go…









Not a second of waiting… perfect timing… in such a smooth 1,2,3 motion. It was kind of amazing. No preparation, no knowing “what I’m supposed to do” but everything linked, one step to the next, no worries, no stress… a simple little perfect sequence. And off I am on the way to Cappadocia. It’s a smooth ride, the bus is extremely comfortable. They serve refreshments, have movies, music available and wi-fi. The three hours go by really fast. When I get to Nevşehir, there strangest of city scapes greet us… Stone walls with holes in them along with high rise apartment buildings… I couldn’t get a good picture from the bus…


Then we head back out into the country side, turn onto a side road and soon I am in Göreme.


It is so alien…


Again, I did not have reservations, I had looked at the internet and saw there were quite a few hostels so I figured I found. I stopped in an internet cafe, took 3 names and went out looking for them. The first one I found was too expensive, I kept walking around and then found the Nomad Hostel. The price was right, the room was sweet so I took it.




It is FREEZING cold… they tell me it’s -3 Celsius…!!! all I have with me is a fleece and a small cotton hoodie, the hostel owner lent me both a jacket and a shawl! So nice…


Then I set out for a little walk around town.








I met this one guy who offered me some fresh walnuts. Delicious! He told me I should go up the hill at sunset which was fast approaching so I climb up the hill and got amazing views.







On my way back down, the sun was gone and darkness came and I cruised around town doing what is becoming a thing for me, take night photos…




















Then I got so hungry, I was looking at menus, for the best priced food… I walked by this pide place and the guy talked me into going in. my hands were frozen that’s how cold it was. I ate and struck a conversation with the guy that had convinced me to walk in. Turns out he is a musician his name is Ayber. We start talking music an philosophy and decided to meet after he was done working.


I meet with him at 9:30. As I was waiting, I noticed this tiny motorcycle. Ayber comes out and walks to the bike, starts it (kick starter) and says can you ride? Can I ride!? Ha! Ha! Ha! I jump behind him on this tiny Kanuni 125cc bike. This is a good start!




hmmm… just posted all these photos and interestingly enough… there is much more color in the night photos!  Such is my world!


We ride a short distance and I’m sure glad to be sitting behind because it is below freezing and I am not geared up at all for this sort of weather. We got the instruments out and played music until 4 AM. Then we rode back to town to my hostel… and OMG is it ever cold!! We get to the hostel and the gate is locked, the place is dead and I cannot get it! Uh oh… we ride back out looking for a place to eat or drink something. We find this little cafe. An old man with a bad eye was stretching and rubbing his face as if he just got up. He served us tea and we chatted until 9, then went for food, then I went to bed. Such is my life once again… no rest for the wicked! So I’ll stay here one more night, since today I’ve just been sleeping and doing nothing. I was planning to go to the Mediterranean but with this cold, I might just turn back and head to Istanbul in a couple of days. Well see what life brings.


2 Responses to “Göreme, freezing cold and music”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Nice pics beautiful scenery. Have fun & be careful. Try not to freeze!!! I’m ready for your music!!!

  2. Danielle Liard Says:

    And meanwhile it has been in the mid-20’s C here at home. What a crazy world! Glad you’re enjoying yourself.

    Much love

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