crazy week end…

November 24, 2013

wow… after the drought, the downpour and so it goes with life on earth… I hadn’t had any shows in a while, then it was

“can you come play for Karakedi opening on Friday?”

“I would be honored!” I said then there was the concert booked at Molly’s place for Saturday night.. then it was

“You have your Sunday’s back at Karakedi…. and then: You are playing this Sunday…”

So here I sit, thinking of the set list for tonight

starting with Friday :


It was amazing. The joy was palpable, everyone came and celebrated this re-opening. I played to a full to the rafters house with a new drummer, Baran, because Eren was playing another gig somewhere else. it went really well. Nothing like a full room to get me going. It was hot and sweaty and everything this kind of gig should be. After that I danced to the wee hours, met really cool people, hung out with friends and was totally happy. I walked home as the clock hit 6 AM.




the sight in those back streets is quite something at that time. There is no recycling, so the streets are filled with bottles, detritus and the garbage from the restaurants and bars, which basically fill every hole in the wall in that neighborhood. There must have been tens of thousands of bottles … I mean, I don’t really know but it is astounding. bags and bags upon garbage bags filled with empties… the streets are filthy, the street cleaning crews hard at work straightening out the city before the morning.

Saturday I had many things to do to prepare for the concert. Burn CDs, get equipment, find equipment, go set up, organize with musicians… On my way there Kara Güneş was playing, they are on the street daily… they are about to go to Italy for a tour. here they are:


and all this for naught… there were 2 of us musicians and 2 people in the room, one of them a friend who had come to help me… I wasn’t upset, a bit disappointed as I had a whole idea of what we were going to do in this intimate, beautiful venue… time to be sublte, go deep… but no. well, I must say, we played for Sarah and Rebecca and it was really cool to sit between these two awesome musicians, Joris and Eren.

Eren had to leave early for another gig… so Joris and I decided to hit the street and Sarah hung out with us, taking photos, making the CDs for sale sign and supporting us. It was fun, we made about 30 lira in 20 minutes or so… not bad…





After that I headed back to Chillout, chilled out. My friend Ismail showed up, he played some, he is so incredible. the music is his heart… He left, I was going to go to sleep, stayed up, a friend of Onur, the night shifter, came in, we played some more. so quietly in the night, I went to bed at 6 again but then could not sleep this morning… woke up coughing, you know when some particle lands on a lung, I was totally awake, so I got up. Helped clean the kitchen, and now I am kind of fried… I need to get the equipment out of Molly’s place before 5, get some sleep and tonight I play again with Eren. I am looking forward to that..



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