magic in the night to soothe the soul

February 10, 2014

Oh the magic

at around 2 AM after cleaning the kitchen and folding a mountain of bed sheets ( I decided to do this after trying and not being able to focus at all on my bağlama practice) My head was too full. I decided to go out for a walk. The day had its share of emotional punches.

I headed out for the back streets, Mehmet Can said : “ be careful.”

“Of what?” I asked because the night before I had had an encounter running into riot police unintentionally as I was coming back from the gig.

“It’s Sunday night.”

“Right, true. Yes, I will be.”

Sunday night in Beyoğlu features the unlucky bastards who could not get laid or find the love of their lives in the local bars over the week end. So this late, some of them will resort to desperate measures and harass you quite readily.

Most of all the noise is now gone, a couple of places still have live music. I walk in front of Karakedi, super quiet. I decide to head towards Galata, I veered towards my old apartment I shared with Michelangelo, there was still light in his room. I kept walking. Turned back up towards Tünel, and as I looked towards the left, I saw my dog. Yeah. My baby. He was running around with his usual two companions. I whistled. They didn’t stop. I accelerated towards Kahve Dunyasi where they were heading and I joined them.

“Hey baby.” He looked up at me and I saw recognition in his face. His eyes softened, his head tilted down just a little.

“How’s my baby? I’ve missed you it’s been a while… Life is good?” He approached and let me pet his head, ears, face. I am crouching down and he comes closer and lays at my feet as I caress him. Then, in a heartbreakingly beautiful, gentle gesture, he rested his chin on my leg, the weight of his head resting on my thigh. It made me cry. As if we melded both our wearinesses together. Here in this night, light rain falling down, the death of the week end. My head so full of all that took place during the day, during the last few days.

“Oh baby, I know I shouldn’t cry…” I told him.
“Too many emotions… but… this… how can I cry? The impossible beauty of this very moment?

Can you imagine? The old buildings, the rain, its feeling its sound, the yellow taxi parked across the way with his head lights on… it’s the middle of the night, Sunday night at 2:30 in the morning, Istanbul is as quiet as it is going to be. And here, on the marble walkway near the Şişane metro wıth the 3 street dogs, a chocolate brown one, a light blond one and my very own baby, gold colored, lying at my feet, me a black spot with a red scarf,here we are as the wind blows a bit. My life a poem.

The magic was broken when he suddenly looked for his friends, got up and started looking around. I rose from my position, followed them a bit and they followed me a bit. We separated ways. I looked at the skies and thanked the Gods then I walked back to Chillout, walked in and told Mehmet Can : Ah the Magic of Istanbul…


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