night shift

March 26, 2014

It is 6:49 AM. I am on the tail end of the night shift. I just ran to the bakkal to get bread as someone asked for breakfast and we were out of bread. A French girl had gotten up early and wanted breakfast, so I obliged as the “breakfast girl” doesn’t come in before 8 AM.

Outside, the sun has been up for a while. The colors are gorgeous outside.

Inside I’ve been playing Arvo Part for the last 2 hours… how amazing… I had forgotten about Arvo Part.

Yesterday I finished the painting in room 12… talk about taking a long time. I had wanted to do this room in a week… It took over a month. Not of work but just of time. I varnished it and it came to life beautifully. I felt so rewarded. I’ve also been painting bits of walls and parts of Chillout. Orange, red and yellow. Yes. I came back. Last Thursday. I had dropped by, I had been thinking about coming back, I had been asked by everyone: “when are you coming back?” and on impulse I asked Pelin if there was a need for me. She said yes, so here I am.

the city's colors all came to life... I was soooo smiling when I varnished it

the city’s colors all came to life… I was soooo smiling when I varnished it

the rooms are small, so it is hard  to get good photos and yes, with the varnish now we get shine...

the rooms are small, so it is hard to get good photos and yes, with the varnish now we get shine…

my little guy playing...

my little guy playing…

It has been really good. Peaceful. It feels good to be useful. So this is why I ended up doing a night shift.

I have been thinking about Greece. About going to Crete and do this baglama workshop. I am going to learn so much. 7 days of learning. 3 sessions a day. I would like to go to the South coast after the workshop. I would like to walk. I saw photos of Crete and I was in wonder. After? Well, not sure. I want to come back but it feels that I have to get my life organized somewhat differently… or just… organized.

My residency permit will expire in June. I need to look at all this. I was told a couple nights ago that the rules will be changing, something about needing a Turkish bank account which I hear may be difficult to get for a foreigner. This could change things dramatically.

After much pondering, it seems that I don’t think it is time to leave Turkey yet. I only started with my baglama teacher in January, I’ve been learning tons… but there is much more to learn still. Another thing that has been floating in my mind is that I may be at a point where I am ready to start writing new music… that means I need space and time… and some kind of money or living arrangements that will allow me to dedicate myself to the work.

I’ve been writing poems… yeah, it had started in California, when I was last in San Dimas, I wrote a series of poems and the way they came had kind of surprised me. Then more came in June. I am still figuring out how to welcome them, it is a different kind of muse than writing songs or just writing. A thread showing itself and asks to be caught… they are playful things and I oblige.

There are 6 days before my flight to Crete, that is if I get my passport in time… yeah, my passport expires in June, I was planning to get it renewed soon, then I had the thought: “how much time do I need on this document in order to cross the border and go to Greece? After looking into it, I learned it’s three months. So I am short. I went to the Canadian Consulate and was told first it took 20 days to get a new passport, then 10 days, then really, 7. that was last Friday. Technically it can happen. But as I was warned, if things are delayed one way or another, I might not get it in time for my flight on the second of April… I’ll know what happens on the first, next Tuesday. Thankfully I got flight insurance when I bought my ticket, so I can move things around if need be.

Phew. 8:59 now. I’m very tired but I feel good. Mornings are really beautiful around here, it is still quiet in terms of tourists but the locals are busy living life in this metropolis. Delivery trucks all over Istiklal, while it is open for car traffic.

I will head back, climb the stairs to the 6th floor and sleep most of the day. Too bad as it looks like it will be a gorgeous day… Tonight, I am hoping to catch a concert at the Mekan. Over and out. All my love.


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