Clink of a spoon, passport, and a ukulele

March 28, 2014

Got the passport. Yeah, it took a short week for the photos, information, documents to go to Canada then come back in the form of a small blue book that will allow me to have an identity and travel around.

When you open it, under a bold CANADA title is written:
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada requests, in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, all those whom it may concertn to allow the bearer to pass freely, without delay or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.

I felt transported to a medieval time… you know, a forrest, bandits, enemies but this scroll would allow me safe passage… Countries, borders, rules…

My Canadian passport affords me the possibility to go pretty much everywhere in the world. Another born lets say, in the Middle East, does not have this possibility. Doors are closed to him. We don’t choose where we are born… the unfairness of it all. The lottery of life.

So I got passport, flight, baglama and I will go to Greece in a few days.

As I was walking to the metro this morning to go to the consulate, I went by a man stirring his tea, the sound of the spoon clinking on the glass. I felt a pang of emotion. Turkey. It does feel strange to leave. This place has become home in so many ways… and with these elections, it feels like anything could happen. There is a slight thought that I may not be able to come back… Since I left America I had a feeling that if I left Turkey I could not come back… There are no logical reasons for that.

It will be good to move, travel, maybe I am getting too comfortably ensconced in my little neighborhood, my little habits.

Oh and as I walked this morning, there was a gypsy family that had fallen asleep at the foot of a Garanti Bank bank machines spot. Lying on them was a ukulele… the same color ukulele as this girl… still don’t know her name… I first met her at one of my Karakedi performances, she was sitting right at the stage and emanating this fabulous energy… then we had met her on the street and walked along Istiklal one night… so there I saw the ukulele… laid on top of the blanket under which this family is sleeping… did she make a gift? Did they meet her?


“Be a lamp or a lifeboat or a ladder, help someone’s soul heal, walk out of your house like a sheperd” Rumi

This was a quote left by one of my friends on my Facebook page. This girl is like that, she shares her light with everyone, she truly is a light for the world. I need to continue shining myself…

What else? Not much. I am thinking of getting new shoes… my boots are inappropriate (translate to painful) for long walks, which I plan to have, and my Converse have holes in them now… wow… buying something… I’ll also treat my instruments to new strings… they both have strings that are 3,4 months old and that have been played extensively… luxury… but it will be quite a treat… so for Monday’s show at Karakedi I’ll have a sparkling sounding guitar…

OK, that is about it for today… hugs and love all around


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