Time to think in Heraklion

April 13, 2014

which sign do you follow?

which sign do you follow?

Waiting for the bus… the last two days were really just about resting. I didn’t even go out to the museums… probably couldn’t afford it anyways. What I did was a trip of another kind. I somehow thought of Alan Watts, a post on Facebook led me to a video. In college I had studied one of his book in my very first philosophy class. I ended up listening to lectures for hours yesterday. My mind completely blown.

Right now I sit in the Rethymnon bus station. I reviewed some of the videos from the baglama course. I am here in Crete until Friday. Next, I am heading to Plakias, there is a very well reviewed hostel there. I am hoping to swim, I have not swum for a long time. It seems this sea water would do me wonders. I plan to stay in Plakias for two days, then if my feet and all are OK (they are much improved BTW) I want to walk for the remaining of the days. Then back to Istanbul.

From there? I don’t know.

Being in Greece, in the “Western world” brings some considerations to the forefront. For one, what a relief to be in a place where women have more of an equal status. I surprised myself at being surprised at seeing a woman tending the register at a convenience store… I had not seen this in almost a year… to see the girls ride their scooters proudly, women live their lives in the open, standing tall… Yeah, I miss this sense of just being a human being instead of being sub-male, sub-human, yabanci person. At the same time I feel there is much more to be lived in Turkey, but I’ll have to re-define how I do it.

My residency permit expires in late June, I’ll have to make some decisions very soon about what to do next. The walking I did this last week really was something I would love to do more of. But I also seriously need to look at my finances. I am nearly completely out of funds. There are things I can do like Workaway, a volunteering website that offers all sorts of options to work all over the world. I could do this. I think I would like to write some music, but that requires that I have a quiet, inexpensive place and some funds or a part time job to support myself during the process. Dunno, dunno, dunno…

…But in the mean time I enjoy being here… and I’ll try to live every second to the fullest. Answers always come.



One Response to “Time to think in Heraklion”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Absolutely beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!! Glad your feet are feeling better:)

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