We’ll go to the sea…

April 15, 2014


Blue. In front of me, a blue expanse of sea. The waves come in all of them gentle. Far in the distance I can see the outline of another island. The blue goes from gold to deep blue into the distance. What the hell? What am I doing here? This is the stuff of dreams, stuff I would have never imagined getting myself to do. But here I am.

Yesterday I took something like 1200 photos during the day. Intoxicated by the nature, the flowers, the beauty of the day. Then, night and the moon came out and we had a date. I was running down the streets following her, she was dancing with the clouds up there and I ran around with the camera, giggling, laughing out loud unable to stop myself, feeling so incredibly lucky.

Is the magic in the air, in the place? Or is the magic always in the human? Is the magic temporary or always available? Is it magic? Or is it just that when we ourselves, get out of the way everything is, in actuality, immensely magical?

It has been good to be by myself. Away from the constant flirting of Istanbul. She is a demanding mistress with its nights, music, friends, energy, shapes and colors, madness and exuberance. It has been good to feel the earth, hear birds sing, see nature, flowers, trees… feel connected to the world of the earth as opposed to the world of humans.


Today I will endeavor to find a beach and go in the sea… I need to meet with Poseidon, it’s been too long… get myself in the healing waters and bask in the superpowers of the sea God. I will stay one more night here then tomorrow I will walk again. My body is much better than it was a few days ago. One blister still is a bit tender, I’ll have to heed the body’s demands and stop when it requests such a thing. And… I have better shoes now, not great but much, much better. What I really need are shoes that have adjustable suspension, like on my motorcycle, so when I carry my bag I could tighten it up.


I’ve had some nice talks on Skype these last two days… I called mom. It is always incredible to hear a smile form on her voice when she recognizes me on the line. With Skype, if you try to look up who is calling it appears like some kind of phone spam, she took a chance and answered, I was laughing.



“It’s Greece calling…”

then followed the recognition and laughter. For those who asked, she is doing well after the cancer surgery. She has started to make music again, always a good sign. I am thankful. Very much so.


Only a few more days in this paradise. North American city planners could take a lesson or two in land management from this place…. I am amazed at the fact that this island has been inhabited for centuries and it is not fowled and broken and polluted like what we are doing over back home. We in the West have much to learn.



One Response to “We’ll go to the sea…”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Glad to hear things are going well:);) be careful & enjoy!!

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