6th Day

April 23, 2014

6h day…
it’s hard to grasp that I’ve been back in Istanbul for 6 days already… I still am confounded with the way the days seem to smoothly go by and yet, are so filled with so much that one has a hard time keeping track with all that took place in a 24 hour period.


Since I came back it’s been all about friends, and that feels so good. I first saw Eren, then Meron, then all the people at Karakedi, the friends at Chillout, it was really cool. I saw Maryam not so well as she has been waiting for her passport for three months… then Maryam completely elated as the passport arrived. She is leaving for Beirut on Monday, so we hung out quite a bit together these last few days. Jule came to visit us for a week, we spent time together. Meron and I were hanging out together on Friday and we found the perfect chair for my baglama practice, the thing was sitting there, abandoned on the street. But Meron is also leaving… he is going to leave any day now for a while. The constant Istanbul dance of comings and leavings of friends, new faces, old faces…


The strangest thing I found in coming back here was that everything seemed the same. You know when you go away usually things look different; bigger, smaller, nicer, worse… but this time it was all the same but I felt I was the one who was different. Rested. Refreshed. With the images of Crete still vibrant in my mind. The air… the flowers…


The big bonus: I have really learned a lot at my baglama seminar. At times I truly wondered if my head was going to explode but now I can see that I have absorbed a lot of information as I go back over the materials we worked so hard on. I have been practicing between 3 to 5 hours a day since I’ve been back. Now I am considering going back for the summer seminar. Get another dose of intense learning while I am here. I am not sure that I can find this sort of training here in Istanbul. So far I have not been able to do that. What I have learned in Crete showed me how much and how I should be learning.

I wish to really practice intensively for the next few months. Meron offered me a place to stay until August and it seems that I honor this by really working hard for these next 3 months.

coming to the forefront is the issue of my residency permit which will expire in late June. The rules have now changed and it is going to be a priority in these next few weeks to see if I can renew it and for how long. In a way it might be a bit simpler since we have to go through our embassies. I now have a contact there, after renewing my passport and that should help with the process.

Yeah, sorry, no massive piles of photos on this post! My apologies to the visually hungry! Next is a not so exciting necessity to handle papers, taxes, banking and money issues as soon as possible. I have avoided those for a while and I need to get that happening!

Hugs to all.


One Response to “6th Day”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Take care be safe have fun…..xxx

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