Damsel in progress

June 7, 2014


Round and round she goes, round and round she runs.

So close yet so far….

Do not sell the skin until you have killed the bear…

This too shall pass…

blah di blah, blah, blah!

I made more rounds yesterday, was almost touching the ribbon at the finish of the race, arm extended, fingers reaching… then the Gods added a few more kilometers, just to see if I could do it, so I’m still in the race.

There has been so many loops, detours, returns and false starts in this quest for this residence permit, it’s either too funny or too sad. My flat mate Mahir, budding film maker, asked me if I would be cool with me if he used this whole quest to making a short film with. He’s helped me so much along this process already. He saw the events unfurl from the very front row seats.

Soooooo…. I have to show a pile of money in a Turkish bank account as part of the requirements. After eluding the banking sharks in the swim part of this triathlon, I managed to open my very own Turkish bank account. Smile, Yay, success… one battle won but certainly not the race. To follow this, I had problems initiating the transfers, security measures, understandable, that was overcome fairly easily. Then came immense issues trying to get access to internet banking for my Turkish account… we called them three times, tried 6 times and failed at every attempt. I still cannot access this internet banking… but onward we stride still.


Yesterday, with Mahir the course’s demanded for us to get the rental agreement notarized. We get the official form, get a letter written with Orçun’s help, photocopies, ID papers, passport ready, we head for the police office (they now know me on a first name basis…) they say our papers are all good so we head confidently to the notary,once there,they tells us it is not Kosher. Mahir’s ID papers have to be updated, they were good enough for the police but not for them… sooooooo no go. Now an added ability course has been added to the race, he will have to take a day to get this completed, running from one bureaucrat to another, then back to the first one and hopefully all works out. And to add to the mounting deadline pressure, he has to wait until Monday, business day, to get this done.

Insurance. Two days ago on a phone conversation we were told that yes, they will issue a policy and that we can pay once the permit is actually granted. If it is denied, no problem. Yesterday on another phone conversation I am told that no, the premium has to be paid first before the papers are issued, then if I am denied the permit in order to get a refund, I would have to get a letter written by the police (ha ha ha, I can just see how that could possibly take place in the chaos that takes place there…) and then present the said letter to the insurance company who would then (hopefully) annul the policy… yes, yes, yes… I can see how smoothly this could happen! Ever seen an insurance company issuing cheques willingly? (she said with much irony). Today, I called back expressed my reluctance… Oh but maybe I am too cynical… So Monday (ah Monday is getting busier by the minute) I will pay them, get the papers delivered, maybe?


Today, Saturday, internet issues arise which means problems with transferring money, for some reason the Canadian bank’s website is inaccessible (!) Yahoo. Monday morning I work, then I have to get all these loose ends to tie so that Tuesday I can go and present my dossier to the police and cross my fingers for a positive outcome. But at least one thing is sure : I have tried EVERYTHING I possibly can. So what happens is what must happen.

The race is still on, I run, sweat, must have mental toughness and spiritual detachment.a08



2 Responses to “Damsel in progress”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Good luck:):) your strong you will do it.

  2. Danielle Liard Says:

    Les bureaucrates sont pareils partout au monde il semblerait. Signe sur cette ligne, pas sur celle-là, ça prend ce papier, et puis cet autre papier, ah aussi celui-là. Et ainsi de suite. Bon courage.


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