The little red Sony has been taken from me…

July 9, 2014

Oh… material things.

Suddenly I am without a smart phone (no photos, filming, recording, seeing the time, alarm in the morning, checking email, Facebook, staying in touch, etc…) No camera… (no photos!!!!! NO PHOTOS!!!)

The phone, was the first thing I noticed missing. For a day I hoped it would be at Chillout… that I had just left it there… but Tuesday I realized it was gone.

Then Wednesday I emptied my bag… and realized the camera was gone too.

And it hit me. This little thing is truly an extension of myself, a integral part of how I express myself. my night photos, capturing some moments… it’s gone.

I am too poor to go out and buy one… so I am waiting to see what sort of lesson I am to learn from this… yes, it is simplifying life, lightening the material possessions… we’ll see… but… Oh my little red Sony marvel.. I miss you.


Speaking of material things… I bought strings for the guitar. It had been since January I think since I changed them… the strings were so worn out, they were gauged at every fret and kind of thickened, so dull and lifeless….

I put the new ones on and it was like having a new instrument! I played, ooooohhhh! so very nice.


it is so hot in Istanbul right now… in the thirties with much humidity… take a shower and then go out and you are immediately soaked in sweat. Thankfully the nights bring a cool breeze… the windows wide open, the air flows… ahhhh….

It is now Ramazan. The Muslim fasting period. People do not eat from the moment the sun appears until it sets. They cannot drink either…. imagine with this heat. There is a massive difference in the atmosphere day and night. In my neighborhood, its been dramatic. You know the feeling when you are so hungry you get aggressive… well between 8 pm and sunset since this Ramazan started, there is an anger in the air that is incredible. The kids scream, the parents fight, yell, there is a franticness that is impossible to describe.

Then the sun sets… smells of food, sounds of cutlery tickling, then it is a roar of talk, conversations, children playing all the way until 2, 3 in the morning. Around two, drummers walk the streets and beat the coolest rhythm calling all to remember to eat before sunrise. In my sleep the sounds of the drums meld with the pictures of my dreams… fratatatat, fratatatat… I am in another world… instruments joined in… I fly in the sound…


7:30 AM
Argh.. I must wake up, get up, go out, go work…. Oh I am NOT a morning person…. no, no, no…. I am not… But the morning is beautiful… the sun, the gold in the light…. I walk up Kurdela street, slowly, I start to sweat immediately… Up to Beyoglu, looking at the worn buildings, looking at the stone pavement, the birds flying, the view in the distance, gauging the thickness of the smog or clarity of the air. The man who works down the street from Chillout feeds the wild cats living in the abandoned construction site. Every morning we say a polite Merhaba. He brings them red raw meat. There are two kittens from the last batch, They are so beautiful, their coats of dark gray shining. The mama is pregnant again. Her big yellow eyes looking for the man. On Sundays she calls for him… because he doesn’t come early…

The little hidden joys of the life of this neighborhood. A magic weave created as the tourists rush by with their shopping bags, cameras and crisp clothing.


I wrote this two nights ago… will hopefully write music to it…


Lets roam the wild earth
bold in the sunshine
My spirit is freed
All senses alight

Lets roam the wild earth
skin ruslting ashivered
here’s the rain’s cool hand
gliding down my neck

Lets roam the wild earth
the wind now my guide
the territories
of Fate and of Love

Lets roam the wild earth
worry no longer
there is no answer,
there is no question

Wondrous universe
Oh my wild, black, earth
you carry my feet
as I so wander,
as I push off to dance
as I lay down to sleep
Our very forces
perfectly opposed
we connect
into all that is
all that will ever be
all that ever was
We are, unified.

Lets roam the wild earth
questioning no longer
I can be electron,
or the whole cosmos,
defined and unknown
brimming and empty
be all nothingness
and be the allness

this is who I am
this is who you are
Lets roam the wild earth
you and I
Lets roam the wild earth



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