Breaking the silence

July 27, 2014

Yes, few words and no images these days…

Since the disappearance of both the Iphone and the camera things have changed. I have not been on the internet very much and that as mild as it may seem is kind of game changing. We do not see how much this internet thing has a hold on us… All is well though. All is well. My friend Kimberly suggested I start sketching instead of taking photos… I’m thinking about it. that too would change things…

Maryam and I made a pact: In the fall we will meet in Mersin when she comes back from Beirut, we then will go hiking the south coast. I know full well that life has a way to dismember my well meaning plans but I want to do this. I’ll need some camping supplies and a tiny bit of money. I think this is important. It feels as if something that was waiting to have its chance to manifest itself.

This last week as I was searching for files on my computer I found the video that I had made for the crowd funding project to come to Turkey. It was interesting to watch. As much as what I had planned did not happen as planned, much did happen and in the end I am definitely reaching the goals I was aiming for. this was cool to see. So going to hike the South in the fall to feel the Turkish earth under my feet is part of the initial impetus to come here. Another thing that is there for me to act upon is that I have been handed the names of two baglama teachers, one of them a woman, so I will call this week so I can learn some of the things I came here to learn.

I will say something that may end up being untrue, but it feels like my journey is winding down. I feel that the coming months must be used to the best of my abilities, to study, to write, to learn and to explore.

The kind of shadow lurking over me is that my finances are next to nil… I need to change this. It has been really difficult to get myself to “sell myself”. People keep telling me I should teach English conversation… I cannot get myself to do this for whatever reason… then the music gig at Atolye came to an end two weeks ago as there are not enough customers… the tourist season is not as good as it was last year in Istanbul. Troubles in the middle east I think keep westerners away. So everything around the tourism business is suffering. The breakfast work is just enough to feed me, pay for the phone minutes and some small bills… but not enough to allow me to travel or take many lessons. But in Istanbul fashion, things will evolve quickly… I can feel it.

the very good news for me is that I have started to work on new songs, music and it is going really well, so well it’s almost scary. I’ve been writing poems, bits of music since I’ve arrived here and have not done anything with them… Last week, every time I sat down, things came together easily. All this has been wanting to come out and be expressed for a while. I have 6 songs I am hoping I can get some of these songs demoed with local musicians. that will also require money, or really good friends! we’ll see what the Gods allow.

I’ll keep this short. I want to go work a little bit before going to sleep early since I have to be up at 7:30 for breakfast work. But I just wanted to let you know that all is well. Life has much sweetness. I just need to get some income happening… maybe an email for a translation job will come in. Oh what blessing that would be! Or maybe something else. it will come.

hugs all around


2 Responses to “Breaking the silence”

  1. Danielle Liard Says:

    So teach French conversation. 😉

  2. kymberlin Says:

    You Have been itching to walk. I know this for a fact! I hope those plans follow through 🙂

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