A surprise in the inbox

August 11, 2014

Of a horse.

Email. You never know what will come, who will find you, what can appear in that inbox. Today I was about to write about my little surprise journey to Gokova, I turned on the laptop, checked messages… I see this header : Khali. Khali? Khali was the best horse I ever had. There are really now way to describe what he was… my equine soulmate…. sounds stupid… but he was magnificent. I had been forced to sell him at a point in my life when I couldn’t even take care of myself anymore because of a severe concussion. All my life I wondered what happened to him. Was he in good hands? A huge heavy guilt had always been in my heart. I felt I had abandoned him… I have had dreams ever since where he would come and visit me…

Then this email, a woman, friend of a childhood friend of mine in Quebec… this feels so far and deep… seems like 5 lifetimes away… they were talking… and made the connection. So in my inbox was a photo of my beautiful Khali, looking good, looking peaceful. I left Quebec in 1989, that was the year this woman bought Khali from the previous owner. I’m trying to put a timeline and all these years are confounded in my mind… I cannot remember…

Here he is, that was us

D&K nap

this is him when this woman had him…


Time, time, time… history, hearts, stories, this makes me swim in an in-between space between now and then, I am not sure how I feel. I sure am glad he found a good home… She said she had him until he died in 2004. How wild it is to put a date on his death..

Maybe it’s all the change in the last week or so, but I feel a bit like an astronaut floating in space aimlessly these days. To get this email is like going into an unexpected galaxy. Oh Khali… My lion hearted wonder of a horse.


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