3rd phone

September 10, 2014

Well, hard to believe but it looks like I’ve lost a third phone… first two stolen. One ended up in Iran, the other one stolen in Tarlabaşi likely ended in the black market pazar… Nothing I could do. This one, I don’t understand, it was in my bag. I looked at it at Atoyle when I played Sunday night. Then never touched it again and when I got home, it was nowhere to be found. Stolen again? or just lost? I had just bought minutes on the SIM card. It is a bit bewildering. It feels impossible that I lost it. My bag was zipped… What happened?

Last week I had drawn a small calendar for the next 2 weeks, it showed that I was to leave Istanbul mid week. Well, we are mid-week now and the plans have dramatically changed. After I made that plan, two friends asked that I stay. Friends being what they are, I said OK. I will stay a bit longer.

“Isn’t that going to make it too cold for hitchhiking if you wait that long?” Asked another friend. Possibly. I cannot see that far into the future. I can hardly plan tomorrow without some changes happening between the moment of my decision and the next day. I must roll with it. I looked up to the skies and said: “All right! I get it! We’ll do it your way!!!”

There has been some great moments lately though. Mesut at Atölye Kuledibi is a bit of a prospector with musicians. He goes out on the street and recruits, then he’ll make some matches with musicians he knows and invite them to play. Last week he matched me with Barış Güvenler, a cellist. I was excited at the prospect. First, i love to experience playing with someone new, is always a thrill and second I really love cello. Sunday night we played. He had never heard any of my songs. So for him the gig is an intense night of figuring out my songs, playing with conviction and meshing with me. He did just that. It was an amazing night. He is a very gifted musician and he made the night magical. I was smiling, listening, enjoying so much. It was so good to have someone playing along with me, let alone someone so talented.

At the break he asked me about recording these songs. My first reaction was “I’d love to but I have no money.” I need to change this reaction to “Lets do it!.” And maybe that is the purpose of my staying longer in Istanbul, make this kind of connection and make musical things happen. I really would like to have recordings of these new songs, with these amazing players. When there is a will… When I think of all the recording equipment I have sitting in a dark trunk, how useful they could be over here now..

Maybe that is what I should commit to. Get this done. Everything else is but details. Work on the songs, meet the musicians, make it happen; new songs, new recordings, musical explorations, new musicians, new musical horizons.

In the mean time, I have contacted tons of friends via Facebook, I am looking for a place to stay semi-permanently, the house sitting will come to an end soon. I will see two places in the next two days. I also wish to find at least another gig… If I had three, that would be really solidifying my ability to support myself financially for a bit. Last week I was even able to save some liras as I played three nights at Atölye. İ am incredibly thrifty but some things do loom like new glasses, the little nose things broke as if on a timer last week, one after the other and I am needing a new prescription. I also started to really worry about backing up the data on my laptop… I used to have this online back up system but I don’t anymore and the laptop has had some hiccups… I would be so sad if I lost these photos.. writings… music.. oh too much to lose! Some sort of backing up system that doesn’t cost me a monthly fee is what I am looking for. Amazing how most of the things now have to be gotten on a monthly fee basis… rope around the neck…

Well, it’s time to head out in this sunny day. I have just sipped my Illy espresso for today. who knows what surprises will greet me. I meet a friend to see a room to rent, then tonight Orçun is playing at Sek Sek his Bukowski play, and I will likely have to find a place to stay for the night. but I have no worries. All is well. I am listening, peacefully.



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