Shots on parliament hill

October 23, 2014


I watched the video. I know the color of the light, the scent of the air, the way people move, I recognize how the officer said: “please back off.” They showed live images of the parliament, the surrounding streets. I know this place inside out, I lived right there for a year. Right in my neighborhood.

Shots fired. All cameras on. Everywhere, everyone knows. Gun shots on parliament hill. The very core of Canadian values and way of life disintegrating right there on live TV. The ensuing flood of Facebook comments going from racist to incredibly naive, to vengeful, to grief sticken…

I wonder, I wonder…

I couldn’t help thinking that this fits perfectly into a scheme to give people a good scare then give them a good reason to support a militaristic government in the next election. I could not help but wonder if this was all engineered. No, I really don’t trust any story or what anyone is saying in the media, everything is bought and manipulated. And I could not help thinking how this also fits so perfectly in the current fear mongering campaign going on all over the planet to make us all hate each other. We are diving ourselves from each other more and more, we justify our intolerance with our fears and this sort of event just feeds the fire. Wars and participation in wars are much easier to accept and go along with when one feels slighted or when revenge must be exacted.

I hope… That this will not justify another slash at our human rights and liberties like what took place after 9/11 (which was indeed engineered by the USA not “terrorists”). After seeing first hand what kind of brutality police can inflict onto the people they are supposed to protect (In Turkey) I really hope that we will not imbue the said police with too much power because we are scared. We must still trust in the goodness of man. I do believe the vast majority of us have good hearts. And I hope we can all see beyond the “bogey man of the day”.

I guess we can say now to Canada and Canadians: “Welcome to the world.” Yes, as we now play the international political field game, it comes with the territory that sometimes the match does take place on home turf. This government has hands in more fires than we like to know.

For this nation, suddenly it’s time to grow up and hopefully as a nation we’ll do it with grace. With strength and confidence. Hopefully we’ll not just listen to the barking of the nervous dogs but also to the calming, inspiring voice of reason.


Oh there is much more on my mind but I will not say more. I will just watch the stories unfold and see what will happen.

All my love.


One Response to “Shots on parliament hill”

  1. Danielle Liard Says:

    They’re already talking about amending the criminal code to give police more powers. 😦


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