March 1, 2015

Yesterday I got this message in the middle of the day:

“Hello How are u, my girl friend and me was seperate last day I ll turn back 5 march there sorry u need find a new room.”

I first saw the words as I was on my way out heading to Atolye Kuledibi to shoot a video of one song. I wasn’t sure who it was… hopefully I thought, that was a joke… I arrived at Atolye early so I sat on the front steps and looked at the phone again, read the words one more time:

“Hello How are u, my girl friend and me was seperate last day I ll turn back 5 march there sorry u need find a new room.” I sent a reply:

“Who is this?” Maybe this is all a mistake or a joke… better make sure. The answer came very quickly:

“Bora“. Bora is the landlord of this room I rent and had moved in not quite a month ago. I replied:

“Wow… And when do I have to leave?” to which he confirmed:

“5 March”

at that point I pondered the letters on the screen. Many things came to mind, like: this is actually illegal… but legalities here are not necessary formalities. And come to think of it, I wouldn’t want to find out the wrong way that I have antagonized someone in this ghetto I live in… I might be in a deeper bucket of trouble than I am now. I answered:


This deadline gives me 5 days to find a new place. I had no words. To the exclamation point he answered :


I thought I ought to tell him that he was not sorry, that this was not quite the right use of this word, that very likely he was not sorry at all but just bulldozing his way through with complete disregard to the effects of his actions. But what is the point? I left his last word unanswered. What else could I say? Very true, I didn’t wish to stay in this apartment too long, but I would have picked my own time… especially because at that moment, I was in the middle of an intense process of writing a grant proposal for a deadline that was coming in two days. I had been up all night dealing with long winded uploads that aborted at the last second, with software issues, with attempting to mix a song and with finishing the draft of my project description… all concerns that were pressing and very real. I took a breath and put this new worry in my back pocket… later, I thought.

At this point, the application is sent, at least I succeeded in completing that. But there`s been a rift in my universe and I am questioning many things. I wrote paragraphs and paragraphs more, but I`m not going to post them. Lets just say… I`m tired. Of many things. Yet I have no answers. No solutions. I wish for silence. A warm human embrace. A hot bath would also go a long,long way but that is not to be.

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