Leaving Facebook very soon

August 7, 2015

Hello all my friends,

I decided to get the hell out of Facebook. Will it be permanent? I don’t know, for a while for sure to see what will happen.

I find myself getting pulled more and more into too many things, too much human madness, mindlessness. I started by disconnecting with certain groups that were mostly bringing negative stuff on my page but after spending the last few days mainly scrolling for something to bite at it was so very clear that I cannot let it be so I decided that I need to cut this out. Some say that FB is great for promotion but the truth is : I found that I make events, invite 200+ people and no one shows up. They click like dutifully, as I do myself on their pages but it is meaningless.

I feel that I must interface with real life, the real world. Go out and be alive, if anything, at least it will help my eyes by not staring at a computer screen endlessly.

I feel a bit of anxiety… of course, will I miss important things? but in truth, if someone really wants to find me, it’s easy to do, daniellehebert.com and everything is there.

So I will see how it turns out… I will disconnect in a day or two. I’ve already been getting many messages, people sending me their contact information so if you want to do so, please send a message.

I am very curious to see what will come of this… interesting experiment… I have a feeling it will be similar to when I killed my TV, much more time, much more clarity of mind and shielded from all the negativity, media, propaganda found on Facebook.

Love you all



2 Responses to “Leaving Facebook very soon”

  1. Danielle Liard Says:

    well, you already have my e-mail, I’m on Skype also but hardly ever turn it on. will add your Skype address to my list. Am of two minds about this, but I can see where you’re coming from with this. I have commitments that are only on FB so can’t do the same. Much love to you.

  2. Yolaine Mottet Says:

    Très sage, Danielle. Tu vas te sentir libérée. Je te suivrai sur ton blog. J’aime tes histoires. Je te souhaite bon vent. Reste en sûreté où que tu ailles. Et profite bien de tout. Grosses bises. Yolaine
    P.s. Tu sais où me trouver. 😉

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