Hey, hi y’all

August 22, 2015

no Facebook for a good two weeks. Honestly: I don’t miss it at all. I wonder about some people at times, but Facebook itself, it can go back to where it came from… The weirdest thing: first thing in the morning, the “turn-on-the-computer-and-see-if-there-are-little-red-dots-with-numbers-fever” has vanished. First few days it felt like: Now what?. No communications… so for a few days I plunged into the news… Hurriet, Sabah, Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, even the CBC… then I realized that this was just another crutch to hold on to, so I gave that up too. How much the internet has taken all the room in our lives is mind boggling. I mean, not so long ago, no one had this…now it’s everything.

What I now have time for is to research some questions I had. My thyroid-anemia-and a million other freakin’ annoying symptom that can make life seem like a whole lot of nothings for nothing. In my searches I’ve found some answers and much inspiration, I am back to meditating. Powerfully enough, I realize that leaving Facebook allowed me to actually be able to perceive and acknowledge what was going on in my life.

So these days I work on re-balancing everything. I am putting awareness into everything that comes into my body, I meditate a couple times a day, I vowed to go out in the sun, get my 15 minutes for the vitamin D for the absorption of vitamins, I get excellent olive oil. We got that here at least and it is truly helpful. I plan for green things, even if it’s just parsley with carrots and lemon… I have found a host of herbs, plants, roots that can help many of my symptoms. So please, in case you were about to, don’t worry for my health, instead, just see me full of strength and laughing. I now make my own bread, sourdough, slow rise, I make Kefir, and I finally found Kombucha tea from which I will grow (hopefully successfully) a “Mother” from which I will be able to start making the tea and detoxing my body further. the big one left to conquer is sleep… when I get that down, then my little cells can get their renewal spa time back.

Other than that… still no news for the residence permit, still need a bit more work to alleviate all sorts of money related stresses, and I have a new friend… I told you about him, here is a photo:


we’ve been getting closer and closer, he even brought me a rag and a bottle to play tug of war. Tonight he was about to follow me to the gig, he walked with me for 2 blocks, I never saw him do that… I had to walk back with him, I was too worried he’d be getting in trouble up on the boulevard. When I came back later tonight, he was around, almost as if he’d heard my steps, we hung out for 20 minutes or so.

Here is a photo from Atolye… tonight’s show. Life goes on. I am endeavoring to just appreciate now. it’s not always obvious, but when I do it’s amazing. and yeah… ditching Facebook was the best thing I could do, I highly recommend it.


Here, Ekrem and Evren joined me.


To be honest, there are days I have no idea what I am doing here, then there are days where I realize that I would feel this exact same way no matter where I would be, there are days where I wish for my motorcycle and nothing else. There are days where there is so much blissfulness and beauty that it makes me cry. I guess that is just life, the trick is to stay in my shoes and feel the earth and not head up in my head in the unknown future.

All my love.


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