August 28, 2015

“You are not your body.”

Oh! … yes, yes… I knew that…

“You are not your body.”


I wrote about vectors

I saw you and I as vectors connecting.

I didn’t know that science did too.

I saw you and I synapsing without the help of cell phones or internet

I saw something Divine unfolding the ribbon of road before my wheel


Even the pains are magnificent,

they are the nudges of our very own divine intelligence trying to get our attention.

The course of the sun and the moon, lighting the scenes of our lives, allowing our eyes to see

such beauty, such perfections, such immense intelligence

Tight rope.

Trying to balance on a thin line above a void of reflexes, habits and unthinking

Thoughts, emotions like dizzying spells to throw you off the rope.


Sometimes this place repulses me

The fights, the bile.

The dirt, the uncaring, the violent disregard for life

The hatred, sectarianism, racism, misogyny.

The cigarette smoke I am forced to breathe when I hate it with all my being.

in return I am repulsed by my own self with its reactions and judgments,

I am challenged to challenge myself into equanimity.


it comes and shatters all the walls

guides me towards my true essence, which is love. Divine.


giving respect, thought, to this body

Synergy with all living things, thankfulness for their gift


Moving between the wheels of the grand machine of our fears and ignorance. Humbly.

Teach me, teach me… that is all I want.



One Response to “and…”

  1. Madeleine Says:

    Je ne sais pas pourquoi tu ne peux pas me joindre par téléphone. J essais qu’est plus de 23 heures chez toi, mais je serai à la maison toute la journée demain et j’attendrai ton appel. a+. Mawie xxx

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