4 weeks later

November 6, 2015

Hello all of you, time fled as I ran from place to place to place. Last I wrote, I had just been hired, now I am on the eve of my 4th week on the job and it has almost too much to bear. I started with 9 classes per day in a row spaced with 10 minute breaks. Remember… I am not a teacher.. A day of serial greetings; Hello! How are you?! Followed by very intense next 43 minutes of figuring out what to do with the students following the 45 seconds spent with their main teachers before class. It felt, still feels like, a kind of performance marathon. How is it? Some classes were very rewarding, some, close to hellish… those are few I must say, but they take much energy when they happen.

I ride the bus there, Gaziosmanpasa, it takes anywhere between 20 minutes to over an hour depending on traffic, I’m starting to figure out when I can leave a half hour before class time and when I must leave at least an hour prior to class time. The busses are … well… not great, the drivers can be speed demons, going so fast at times, you must hang on for dear life as we slalom the curves, hills of the Istanbul roads and negotiate Istanbul traffic (salmon run like).

I am always anxious before heading to the school. Yeah, I’m stressing out. It seems I cannot quite recover from these new stresses, accumulated fatigue. I have been exhausted. I figure that in a month or so it will be much smoother. But for now it is challenging. The good thing out of this is that I should get my first pay cheque (supposed to anyways… but we are in Turkey so we never know until it lands in your hands) on the 10th and that will feel good as I have been scraping by for the last month with very little income.

Every day I had so many things I wanted to write about, many impressions, experiences and feelings but I didn’t and much of the thoughtfulness has vanished into vague memories. (Welcome to the rat race some would say)

What saved me financially and partially mentally over the last three weeks was that I was invited to play a new gig. The people at Atolye Kuledibi just stopped calling me to play without any explanations, but out of the blue, Jurnal Rango in Taksim asked me if I would do a reoccurring Tuesday night gig and I said yes. They are great people and there is a great atmosphere, somewhat reminiscent of the old Karakedi days and I have the great luck of having Alican Gercek play with me, it makes the process very enjoyable.

Upon getting my first pay cheque, I will buy myself a new bed. The one I have now is definitely finished, snowing its particles down on the floor continually, the cover in partial shreds and the thing itself is completely collapsed in the middle. I was getting massive back pains from sleeping on it, so much so that I’ve been sleeping in my couch lately. So next week I will have a new bed. Can’t wait, can’t wait!!! I can give them a first 100 lira payment then pay 50 a month without interest. That will be my big investment in rest and healing. I might also splurge on a wool blanket or a duvet and some heavy duty “winter” pajamas… my room is F*&^ freezing and the heating system does not work.

I have much more to say… but I must rest… get ready for my 20 hour in two days non-stop classes… Wish me luck but mostly peace.

Over and out!a02


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