November 30, 2015

Yeah, that used to be a big topic on this blog… photos, then I got my camera stolen and I pretty much stopped taking pictures. Over a month ago I got a message from Karen, she lives in the house I used to rent in Richmond BC. She happened to get mail that was mine and it was money from royalties. I was in dire need of shoes, pants and a hoodie, my essentials, so I decided to buy these things on Ebay, I got the Levi’s jeans for 40 dollars a pair instead of over a hundred and they last me a few years of very hard wear. Then it came to my mind and first I thought… no … it’s luxury… I can’t justify it… and I pretty much gave up on taking photos (at first I felt like I had lost a limb) then I decided to just go for it. I found the model that followed the one I had, nothing fancy but good. A little Sony.

3 days ago I received the stuff. The hoodie came the wrong color, the shoes were a tiny bit too big (but I put extra insoles in them so they’re OK. The jeans are great but I put on some weight since I started working at the school so I can’t wear them now… (all the sugar I’ve been eating imagining that I am getting energy and combating stress with that… yeah I know..) But in the end, the camera, is the thing that made my heart jump…

Tonight after work, at around 8 PM I headed out from the school and got off the bus in Eyup. Tremulously, I started to take photos..

From Eyup, images from around the mosque and cemetary, remnants of city walls with a long, long history, Balat, the painting was a work from a foreign painter who put faces of local old men on buildings around the city, across the metro bridge. The moon said hi to me.. it was really, really great.














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