A sort of prayer

December 4, 2015

I have this huge feeling in my heart right now :  how gorgeous, precious, amazing it all is.

A intuition about of the unfathomable strength of fragility.  A sense that power lies in ephemera.

The love of a friend, the kind eye of a dog, the light on an object, the cold biting your hand.

The immense idiocy of our world leaders now leaves me breathless and absolutely unable to accept, let alone understand, the destruction they all seek.  Following that, the begetting of the rabid hatred and violence their followers are willing to inflict while feeling absolutely righteous.

This all seems …  hallucinatory.  We’re dreaming right?  It all is so inconceivable: all this grossness, it has to be a dream, or rather a nightmare.  Can we be so impossibly, naturally ugly and blind, unfeeling, devoid of empathy that we can knowingly endorse those acts of war and terror without a twinge of guilt?   Without a speck of compassion?  Without immediately all rise in defiance against such primitive, despotic actions?

Witnessing this downward-spiraling excesses of human ignominies gives me an unquenchable thirst for beauty, spirit,colors, tastes, love, and the magic that is present at every instant.   In all honesty, I cannot truly “understand” any of what is going on now.  Yes I see, I apprehend the facts, but the absurdity and the nonsense of it all, that, I cannot grasp on any level.  It is insanity.


“Look up…”

“Ah, there it is… the light, the flight of a bird, the wildness of the wind.”

Oh Earth, Oh Trees, Oh Horses…
Oh Love, Oh laughter, Oh Life…
Allow me to embrace you
and be imbued of the light,
the Wisdom of the Source.
Let me close my eyes
and peacefully leg go
of the Fear and Worry and Horror
In the Knowledge that you,
not the Ego of men
rule our destinies.


Suleyman’s mosque beyond the Golden Horn


Winter radius


A shy one




The hidden mosque






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