24 hours to 2016

December 30, 2015


By the time I post this there will be 24 hours to the end of 2015.  Not sure what kind of year it was.  I remember being cold.  I remember being hot.  I remember not having a lira.  I remember making money.  It seems it was a slow descent from February until about mid summer, then slowly it got better and better.  Now I have a new mattress, a heater, a job, money for food and a gig.


I also go this new camera.  I love this thing and what I can do with it.  I got my beautiful guitar that I hardly play enough.  I live in a mystical place, in a chaotic place, in a constantly changing place.


New year… resolutions, decisions, plans, direction.  I have been shunning any sort of planning since 2010.  I think I will make some for this year.  Maybe do some radical things in my life.   I know I want to go to North America in 2016.  I want to fix my bike, see friends, ride.


I also would like to do something about my “financial home” improve some of my skills.  Ideally I’d like to do some touring, I’d like to have some creative output, I confess to not having written one song this year.  Not one.


Maybe I should move around more…  I don’t need to be glued to one spot and I’ve done too much of that.  I have not left Istanbul since mid January.


One other thing that really rolls in my mind is what can I do with my life  that would make others happy, stronger, better.  How can I be part of making a better world.  I wish to be creative but sometimes it seems so pointless.  Maybe I should join some sort of “help” project somewhere. Save the world (!)  Teaching is cool that way, you feel that you can really give something to someone.


Yeah… 2015 it was full of challenges.  I’m thankful for those who were near and really were there for me.  And I’m thankful for Mom who saved my butt a few times.  Thankful for the ride, I don’t understand it, most of the time it is much more about taking those curves gracefully than ever assuming I have any mastery of the whole thing.


Much love.
Peace… all over to everyone, Peace with others, be it in a traffic jam or at the cash register at the supermarket or over geopolitical maneuverings.
Joy.  In everything.
And again, Love.


One Response to “24 hours to 2016”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    Hello darling!
    I love the pictures. I know about being “grounded”. I made one trip in 2015-to the Dragon. I was planning on going to the Outer Banks in October, but a hurricane came in. So by October 2016 I hope to take a few weeks off and hopefully ride out to California.
    Love an miss you!!!

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