Visiting the iconic places

April 13, 2016


Well I have been here pretty much 3 years now and I had never visited the tourist attractions.  Last week I splurged and bought a Muzekart.  That is for residents, good for a year, endless visits allowed museum card.  Last week I visited Topkapi Palace.  I never expected to be so taken away but I was.  Completely.  I have no photos as I forgot my camera… yeah I know.

Today it was Hagia Sophia.  Amazing.  This place has artifacts in it that date over 2000 years ago.  From Greeks to Byzantines to Ottomans.  They are renovating, so there are scaffolds inside, but the place is impossibly beautiful, despite the obvious passage of time.




First we passed by the old train station which was the place where the Orient Express docked… gorgeous.

Then into the gigantic church-mosque



this is a vessel from Greek times, over 2000 years old.  It had been purchased by one of the Sultans…



some of the mosaics still existing on the second floor

These doors…


They fascinate me… and talking of doors this one is made of bronze and was made by Greeks 2300 years ago.  the beauty of the details and the fact that they survived like this is a wonder.  It is called “the beautiful door”

and of course a cat…


and after all the walking, coffee…

and some tahin sweets that we smuggled in.


It was a great day.  The sun out and warm but it’s still very breezy and there is no heavy sweating yet.  The Old City is very quiet though.  There are very few tourists, the shadow of terrorist bombings still looms wide and dark.  Where there should be huge line ups, like at Galata Tower, mostly locals can be seen.   We all are very conscious of this fact as we walk around, noises, weird looking people, will make us jump a bit.

But we must live, enjoy, celebrate this gift of this life and this gift of so many wonders surrounding us.


5 Responses to “Visiting the iconic places”

  1. maria rasmussen Says:

    monique polloni sent me this to read as i am going to istanbul on may 1st. we were throwing around the idea of not going but decided life is too short and interesting to stop doing what we desire. i really enjoyed seeing your photos, the best i have seen even though i have viewed hundreds. your comments were also of value to me. thank you for sharing your beautiful place.

    • Hello Maria,
      Yes Istanbul is worth seeing, experiencing it is an outstanding, unique city, there is none like it. Come and visit. You must stay aware of your surroundings, these bombings did happen and will likely happen again but this is the case pretty much everywhere in the world right now, so we must live fully and not live in fear. You are welcome to contact me if you need anything when you are here, I live very close to Taksim and the old city with all its wonders.

      Thank you for your photo compliments, I love taking them, and I love the subject 😀

  2. Steve Tayler Says:

    Hi Danielle, I love your blog! ( I met you on the Lake Michigan ferry a few years ago) It’s lovely to see you in one of the pictures too! I have great memories of visiting Istanbul from when I was barely 12. Dad was an explorer and we drove from England, all four of us jammed in the car with camping gear and loved every minute. I think it was around ’72. There was no bridge across the Bosphorus and we actually camped in the city!

    • Steve! Wow! what an amazing surprise to read your words! Yes, you fixed my clutch right?

      Those are amazing memories… you would likely find Istanbul quite different now, there are 20 million people living here… It must have been incredible.

      I thought about you many times, thankful for your help! I wrote a book about two years spent pretty much on a motorcycle and you are in it! I never expected to hear from you. I have not published it, I’m actually still working on the layout.

      I hope you are well and still riding. Thank you so much for writing!

  3. Kylie Says:

    Great pictures! Looks like a great trip, thanks for the post!

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