June 6, 2016


06 06 16

I watch the sunset in front of me. My window is a sunset window. It is really hard to concentrate on anything when the sun sets, so majestically every night.

The last week has been momentous. Many changes and I believe more are to come. Today I accomplished a bureaucratic feat of respectable proportion… I managed to gather all the documents and papers for my residence permit application in a few hours. After much questioning I made the decision to stay one more year. It feels good. I need to go and do some of the things I promised myself to do and do things I didn’t expect to do. Live. To make a long story short, I realized that all the documents had to be gathered and sent between 9AM and 5PM Monday. I set out on my mission this morning and with the help of Pelin and a very cool and helpful insurance broker I managed it… So the documents are on their way to the immigration office. Hopefully all will be accepted and within 2 weeks I would have my new permit.



On Sunday June 29th around 7PM I hopped one more time on the 55T down the hill from Gaziosman Paşa, through Balat, across the Haliç. and into Beyoğlu. Free. I had just handed back the books, markers, stapler, filled in the last registrar sheets and last exam result sheets. Well I’ll have to go one more time to pick up the last pay cheque and I really hope they don’t give me grief with that as it seems to be regular practice in Turkey, I don’t think so but if they do I have a “get paid” strategy ready to be implemented.

I was never made for a job, could never keep a job, the most I ever did was 1.5 year I think. So at 8 months that is actually quite good for me. It was a great experience, it was incredibly enriching in so many ways. But in the end, to be polite, it was not going to go anywhere other than what it was; a big loop of class upon class thrown at me with shitty pay and no chance of improvement. I am thankful, I needed it when it came, I learned tons, met and discovered “real” people from an all too real rough neighborhood.



So I had a first week off this last week. A first week end off since September. I cleaned up my room, rearranged the furniture, threw out old stuff, and then I had this thought: Hmm… if I am cleaning everything, I’ll probably move out of here soon…”


What now? I don’t know for sure. I promised myself to take 2 weeks off, the first one is gone. I have enjoyed every moment of it. What I know is that I know I did the right thing for me. I feel a sense of freedom and renewal and eagerness to re-enter the “real” world, well, my “real world”. My life in Turkey, before this had been one of constant meetings, motion, friends, sharing… then I took my room and my world very quickly shrunk into a little bubble where I would spend too much time with the wifi. I am open to any and everything. I also want to go places this summer, I really hope I do it. See more than Beyoğlu, Istanbul…

But I feel good, alive, my eyes are bright and wide open, and I’m smiling a lot.



One Response to “Newness”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Keep on smiling my friend!

    😀 Danielle

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