More bombs tonight

June 28, 2016


It’s Ramazan, people fast during the day, then after sunset they eat a meal called Iftar. Tonight like every night, there is a rise in noise, voices sounds, life on the street around 7 PM. People are hungry, thirsty, they have been fasting since about 4 AM and the knowledge of the meal coming makes everyone more vocal, noisy as they anticipate the relief to come. Then at about 8 when they eat, the street goes dead quiet. Everyone is inside eating, drinking, celebrating the gift of food. At around 10 they come out again, satiated and again the whole neighborhood comes to life until the wee hours. It’s kind of festive, it’s a good vibe.

Normally that is.

I realized that everything got quiet a few moments ago, not normal. Then I saw the news; bombings and shootings at Ataturk International airport, Turkey’s main airport, 3rd biggest in Europe, hub for the world between East and West. So instead of just enjoying their full stomachs, the Turks tonight are watching on TV or laptops, the reports of destruction. Photos with limbs and holes in walls and assault rifle on the ground.

I was just at an airport yesterday, the other one, I think of my friend Ibrahim who will fly back from London in a few days. I think how life is cheap sometimes, timing is everything.

Once again, at a moment where I was fully enjoying being here and enjoying the marvels and wonders and poetry of this place, some horrific act takes place.

I wonder if it can get worse, then I think of Syria and I know that can get much worse. My friend Sari last year was telling me that what was going on here in Turkey, somewhat paralleled what took place in Syria before the war broke. He was worried about staying here and living take two of a civil war. In this country right now there is a lot of unrest, religious things, racial things, war things, money things, people in power lie, cheat, kill, destroy (like everywhere in the world mind you) We vote these clowns in and then everything goes to hell. Here we have Erdogan, in Russia they have Putin, in Britain they have Cameron and the fat blond guy, in USA there is the specter or Trump or Clinton… all in it for special interests, bound on destroying the world while hoping for fortune and power. Sick, mentally handicapped demagogues and ego maniacal people with not a thread of sensitivity for the life, for the lives of the people of the earth, for the earth itself… If we could get above our own self interest and rally together for peace, for the future generations, for life itself.

I pray for the ones killed and wounded and terrorized, some will never erase what they saw and survived tonight. Can we have more love please? More patience, more kindness, more care and what we call humanity? Morals? Ethics? Respect? Life is strong but it’s also very fragile.



And much, much love.


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